5 Ways to Start a New Hobby At Home

Right now, spring is upon us. Flowers are starting to bloom and the weather is warming as the days begin to lengthen. The perfect time of year that people start taking up new hobbies and resuming existing hobbies that depend on the nice weather.

The current climate of “stay inside-stay safe” doesn’t have to be a cause of misery and can actually open up a whole list of possibilities for us to pick up new hobbies and make a real, positive change in our lives.

Become your own home chef

Home Chef

Our old routines dictated how long we had to prepare and make meals. That time lead to people having to consume a narrow diet that we knew would be fast and easy to make. Fortunately, for many of us, we no longer have this time restriction giving us more time to experiment in the kitchen.

Start baking your own bread, cakes, or other delicacies, have a read through that cookbook someone bought you years ago which has been gathering dust on the shelf. It truly is amazing how creative you can be and by exercising that creativity we feel a whole new sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Cooking and baking are one of those hobbies that have been dying off due to the busy nature of our lives and rediscovering this once popular activity is at the top of many lists on how to start new hobbies.

Start your own home gym

Many people enjoy being physically active and studies show that physical activity is not only good for our physical health but also our mental health. While you might be missing the equipment from the gym, it is possible to stay active in your own home. In fact, one piece of equipment you might not be aware of is our own bodies! Resistance and core body training is beginning to see a resurgence as people find themselves looking for a way to stay physically active while restricted from visiting their regular gym.

Even those who are looking to use this time to get active have so many options available to them. A quick search on the internet will provide a plethora of choices of great at-home workout options. From light and easy introductions to high-intensity interval training for the more serious keep fit crowd. You can also order exercise equipment for your home gym.

With the vastness of options, there are workouts and fitness plans to suit everyone, from free of charge videos online to subscription services that you don’t need any equipment other than your own body. Now is the perfect time to seek some endorphins and get into the online fitness craze without feeling the anxiety of stepping into a gym.

Learn to play a musical instrument

Guitar And Man

Speaking from personal experience, I had an old guitar sitting in the corner of my living room. People would visit and ask how long I had been playing for, with some embarrassment I would admit that I hadn’t actually found this time to learn to play it yet. Now is the perfect time to dust off those instruments and learn or even re-learn to play them. If you have always intended to learn to play that instrument there are now so many apps, video tutorials, and guides to learn to play and the choices really are endless.

Some will teach you classic methods and start with learning to read music, while others will just show you what you need to know to play that song you’ve always wanted to play.

Become a DIY guru (or at least proficient)

The home and home maintenance or improvement is another task that we previously had no time for. Right now that time crunch has ended. Pick up a DIY book or look online and attempt that project that you’ve been putting off. Go and build that shed or deck or BBQ area, build a BBQ pit if you are a fan of outdoor grilling. Now is the perfect time to attend to some of those projects that we haven’t been able to get around to because we just didn’t have the time.

Home improvements and maintenance are things that not only improve the quality and appearance of our homes but also provide an enormous sense of well being and achievement.

Look over your home, yard, or garden and picture what can be done now that we have the time. We don’t even need to do huge projects that require many people like that right now isn’t possible; instead, look at available guides for projects that can be completed with just one person. Now is a great time to add value to your home.

Learn a new language


Learning a new language can be daunting, especially trying to fit in the hours of concentration required to learn and memorize whole new words. Fortunately, we know have an abundance of time to spare and really take the time to be deliberate about certain things. Exercising the brain by learning a new language is a great way to spend the time we have available to us and there are so many available options online and in the form of apps.

You can decide just how intensive you want to be and whether you want to spend any money on this new hobby because both options are available through online courses that can be very similar to learning in a classroom setting or by taking a more casual approach to picking up a new language.

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