How To Save Money On Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are quite a significant acquisition for any household. Of course, we don’t realize that until one day, the refrigerator stops functioning all of a sudden, or the washing machine refuses to play ball. Often times, Kitchen appliances stop working when you are in desperate need. So what happens is that you shell out a large sum of money to make a quick purchase.

What if I told you that it is possible to save a handsome amount of money on new purchases – if you are familiar with shopping smartly.

Check out these five smart money-saving tips to help you make an intelligent purchase.

Look out for the scratches, flaws and floor models

When I go to a store for kitchen appliance shopping, I always inquire about scratched items and floor models. Understandably, everybody likes shiny new appliances, and buying a flawed item can be a bit hard. However, you can save a considerable amount of machines that can be positioned cleverly in your home to hide their flaws. So a scratch or two is okay. These minor dents do not affect the overall quality of the appliance.

Moreover, some stores sell floor models at discount rates. All you have to do is to inquire about whether they will honor their warranties or not. If they agree to honor the warranties, buy it.

Buy an older model

September and October are usually the months when all major stores are under pressure to clear the space for the latest models. This is the time when you can strike the best deal ever. Haggle over the price a little, and these stores may lower the cost some more.

In other months of the year, look for models placed in the corner. This is because stores put their latest models right in front of the display area. The older models are then left in the back of the store. Take a thorough look at every nook and cranny of the store before you settle on a model.

Wait for the sale offers

Good things come to those who wait. Right? Kitchen appliances often go on sale during a holiday weekend like Labor Day or Memorial Day. Over this duration, these appliances are available at lower costs – for a short time. So wait for the holidays. You can also wait for the Christmas or Black Friday sales to save as much as 25%.

In case you find a great item, but it’s a bit expensive, ask the sales associate when it is going on a sale. Being patient and waiting for a week or two may benefit you in the long run.

Be mindful of extras

Who doesn’t like some extras? I do. While the extras are useful, they aren’t really necessary. A refrigerator that comes with a built-in television won’t keep your food extra colder, right? Manufacturers add bells and whistles to trap impressionable minds into making a purchase they don’t really need. So make a complete list of what you need before you go out to a store and adhere to it strictly.

Furthermore, retailers charge extra money for providing installation services. And believe me when I say this, hiring a licensed electrician or a plumber to install the appliance is a much better deal. They are not only professional but also cost much less.

Swap, trade or look around for used items

In this day and age, folks are always on the move. So ask around in your neighborhood, friends, and family circles before buying a new kitchen appliance like a blender, stove or anything else. You can come across many gently-used items. Besides, you can find many used machines in decent shape and low prices on craigslist, flea markets, auctions, and yard sales. Post on your social media and Facebook groups. Ask in your family and friend’s circle. This may be a great favor for someone who wants these items off their list.

When you are on a tight budget asking around for used kitchen appliances is the best solution. Just make sure that the machine is in a working condition before you go through with the deal.


All said and done, major financial decisions like buying a brand new Kitchen appliance can really hurt your long term financial goals. Therefore shop smartly so that you can turn every crisis into a minor nuisance.

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