Best Hollywood Mirror With Lights – 2021 Reviews

Everyone wants to feel like a celebrity, no matter what age they are. It’s a dream for many makeup lovers to feel the glamour of a gorgeous Hollywood mirror with lights to brighten up your face and make you glow as we get ready for your day.

However, finding that perfect Hollywood vanity mirror with lights that light up your features and the room, is sometimes a difficult task. They can often be costly, and not quite fit the style, and form that you are looking for to achieve that Hollywood mirror feel.

In this list, you will find a brief list of some Hollywood mirror reviews, that you can reference and use to make the purchase that is right for you. You don’t have to be a millionaire in LA to get a vanity mirror, that will make you feel like a star. All you have to do is read below!

Chende Lighted Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror

Chende Hollywood Lighted

The Chande Vanity is a large, and beautiful dresser or tabletop vanity mirror that offers bright, and vibrant lighting for your daily routine. As far as Hollywood vanity mirrors are concerned, it is quite large as well. So, for those who prefer extravagance and the true hollywood experience, this vanity is perfect. The Chande Lighted Vanity measures at 31.5” x 25.6”, meaning that you will have more than enough mirror space to view your entire outfit, not just do your makeup.

The Chande Lighted Hollywood Makeup Vanity comes with 14 4000k white LED lights that save energy and will last you much longer than a standard bulb. This means that you won’t have to replace light bulbs constantly, which is a huge bonus for those who wish to use their vanity for their everyday routine.

Waneway Lighted Hollywood Mirror

Waneway Lighted Vanity

The Waneway Lighted Mirror offers a stylish, and simple design that will appeal to those who prefer to keep things sleek, and simple rather than over-the-top and decadent. This vanity offers an edge-to-edge mirror for maximized use of the space. In addition, the 12 LED lights come with adjustable brightness, as well as two separate lighting options that can be controlled by the touch-sensitive controls built into the mirror.

The energy-saving bulbs have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, meaning that you will never run out of lighting for your makeup routine. The Waneway Lighted Mirror is a slightly smaller tabletop vanity, at just 14.5” x 19” it will fit easily anywhere you wish to place a vanity mirror. Those who love their decor to be simple, and yet tech-savvy, will love the Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror.

Chende Wall Mounted Lighted Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Hollywood Makeup Vanity

Much like the Chende Hollywood Vanity Mirror mentioned above, the style and form of this vanity mirror are aimed at that hollywood extravagant feel. However, this one has a few more features that may interest you. For starters, the Chende Wall Mounted Lighted Hollywood Vanity Mirror is smaller in size, at 25.6” x 19.7”. In addition, it can be wall mounted, as well as used in tabletop form. This helps to ensure that you have options for where you would like to place your vanity mirror, and how to best fit it into your personal decor.

The Chende Wall Mounted Lighted Hollywood Vanity Mirror also comes with an additional electrical socket built into the mirror, so you will be able to charge your phone or use your hairdryer or straightener without unplugging your vanity mirror.

Rebel Poppy Makeup Vanity Mirror

Rebel Poppy Makeup

The Rebel Poppy Makeup Mirror is designed to bring out your wild side, just like the name would suggest. The sleek design frame comes in 3 different color options; White, Silver, and Rose Gold, so that you can match the mirror with your own personality, and style. In addition, the mirror frame base comes with a built-in mobile phone or tablet holder. This means that you can easily watch, and follow along to your favorite makeup tutorials to get that perfect hollywood makeup design!

The mirror comes fully assembled, as well. So all you have to do to achieve the perfect makeup design is simply open the box, set it up, and plug it in. It’s that easy! For those who want a bit of an edgier feel to their makeup routine, the Rebel Poppy Makeup Vanity Mirror is perfect for you.

AirExpect Makeup Hollywood Vanity Mirror

AirExpect Makeup Vanity

The AirExpect Makeup Hollywood Vanity Mirror is like an iPad designed just to help you achieve the perfect makeup look every day. The small frame of this compact, and elegant hollywood style mirror makes it perfect for anyone who wants to take their makeup routine on the go during travel, or even as a small low-profile mirror for those who love to keep things efficient. The AirExpect Makeup Hollywood Vanity Mirror comes with exceptionally bright, and adjustable lighting that provides a natural lighting source. In addition, it comes with an adjustable stand to make users of any height comfortable when using this hollywood mirror.

At just 17.7” x 11.8” this hollywood style mirror is perfectly compact, and makes for a great gift for any loved one who loves to do their makeup, and looks fabulous every day. It is perfect for any aspiring YouTuber who wishes to create their very own makeup tutorials to have their own compact, off-camera hollywood style vanity mirror to use while practicing and filming.

FENCHILIN Lighted Hollywood Makeup Mirror

FENCHILIN Lighted Makeup

The FENCHILIN Lighted Hollywood Makeup Mirror offers a wide range of lighting options, from bright white, to warm yellow. This best vanity mirror is designed so that it will ensure that you have the perfect lighting for your area, and desired makeup tone. This hollywood vanity mirror is extremely durable as well. The metal frame not only looks fashionable, and sleek, but is also extremely well built and ensures that if you move this vanity around often, you will never have to fear to break or damaging it.  

One of the coolest features of the FENCHILIN Lighted Hollywood Makeup Mirror is the detachable 10x magnification hand mirror. This magnifying mirror allows you to get up close and detailed looks at the finer points of your makeup for perfect lines, and careful designs for those who like elegant, and detailed makeup looks. The mirror comes with a 60” power cable which means that you will be able to place this mirror in many different places in your home, without the fear of running out of cable length.

HANSONG Hollywood Lighted Vanity Mirror

Lighted Vanity Makeup

The HANSONG Mirror offers elegant, and top quality makeup lighting and vanity stylings at a really affordable price. For the size, and features that this hollywood vanity mirror offers, the value is exceptional. In addition, it comes in upgradable models that allow you to purchase slightly higher end models with slightly higher-end features. This will allow you to choose what features you value, and want with your vanity mirror. One of these features is a makeup drawer that sits underneath the vanity mirror, and allows you to easily access and store your favorite lipstick, eyeliner, foundation and more.

The HANSONG Mirror is simple, and low-key. It will best appeal to makeup lovers who want something that works easily, and as advertised for a reasonable price. You will absolutely love the value, and upgrade options that the HANSONG Hollywood Lighted Vanity Mirror offers, and are sure to be pleased with this purchase.

Nitin Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Nitin Hollywood Vanity

In modern design, minimalism is hot and on-trend. Many people want sleek, and minimalist designs in their decor within their homes. The Nitin Hollywood Vanity Mirror achieves this aesthetic in spades. The edge-to-edge mirror display, and low profile lighting offers a very slim and unobtrusive feel to the vanity mirror. You will be able to get that hollywood style makeup vanity without the bulky, and decadent feel. It is sleek, it is sexy, it is minimalist, it is fabulous.

The Nitin Hollywood Vanity Mirror can be wall-mounted, or set up on a stand on your makeup table or dresser. The adjustable lighting can get so bright, that it will even light up your entire room while you are getting ready for a fun and glamorous night out. This is a mid-sized hollywood style vanity mirror that will offer you a full view of your makeup design, as well as your hair. The Nitin Hollywood Vanity Mirror is designed for function, and style within your home.

WONSTART Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror

WONSTART Hollywood Makeup

The WONSTART Mirror is a large, studio style hollywood mirror that is perfect for anyone who wants a more professional vanity mirror experience. It is designed with the professional hollywood makeup studio look and feels in mind. The large frame, and low profile lights offer a full mirror experience, with adjustable lighting for any and all professional makeup designs. This is the style of mirror that professional makeup artists would be using in their studios. That means you are getting an authentic, and top quality experience with the WONSTART Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror.

The large frame ensures that once your makeup is done, you will be able to take a step back and see your full look, outfit, hair and all, with total ease.

Lvyinyin 14 Vanity Lights Kit (Mirror Not Included)

Lvyinyin 14 Vanity

The Lvyinyin 14 vanity lights kit allows you to turn any mirror into a hollywood style vanity. This allows you to be flexible in the size, style, and design of your very own vanity mirror, rather than purchase a pre-made and assembled vanity. You can make any mirror in your home the perfect hollywood makeup mirror. Your entire bathroom, or bedroom can be instantly transformed into a hollywood makeup studio in minutes.

The vanity light kit comes with 14 bulbs, for ease of placement and arrangement. The perfect outside smooth white lighting can be adjusted easily with a touch sensitive dimmer, to ensure that you are getting the best lighting for your own personal tastes. The entire design of the Lvyinyin Vanity Lights Kit is to help you customize your own hollywood vanity mirror experience, and they do that excellently.

In Conclusion

For those who love makeup, and achieving that perfect look for any special event, or a night out on the town, you have a wide range of options for hollywood style vanity mirrors to choose from. Best of all, you won’t have to break the bank and use a hollywood level budget to purchase one!

The hollywood vanity mirrors mentioned above each offer their own unique benefits, advantages, and styles for you to choose from to fit your very own individual needs. You will be flaunting that hollywood look in your very own life in no time!

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