Best Dutch Ovens for Camping – 2021 Reviews

When it comes to cooking while camping, nothing beats putting a Dutch oven into a pile of hot coals and letting the heat work its magic. Imagine all the tasty stews, chicken and dumplings, and even cobblers you can make inside an incredible Dutch oven. The meals you make will be so amazing, you may decide that you must go camping a little more often, so you can enjoy them that much more.

Lodge L12DC 03 Deep Camp Dutch Oven

Lodge L12DCO3 Dutch Oven

This is an all-in-one Dutch oven for camping since the lid can be turned over and used as a griddle. The lid also holds hot coals for extra heat, while the integrated legs keep the oven stable over the coals of the campfire.

This oven is pre-seasoned, without using any chemicals in the process, so it is ready for you to use when you purchase it. Nothing will stick to the inside of it, as long as you care for it properly and keep it properly seasoned. The best way to keep your oven seasoned well is to use it quite often and never clean it with lots of soap. If your oven does get unseasoned, or food starts to stick, all you need to do is re-season it before using it again.

Camp Chef 12 QT Seasoned Oven

Camp Chef 12 Qt Oven

This is a very large Dutch oven for camping, but it is perfect if you are always camping as a family or with a group of friends. It is also excellent for those potluck meals that are popular at many campgrounds. Since all Dutch ovens can get really hot, you will love the lid lifter that is included with your purchase of this oven. There is also a built-in thermometer notch, so you can always tell how hot your oven is when you are cooking. This will prevent you from either undercooking or overcooking foods over the fire.

This best Dutch oven for camping includes a starter booklet with recipes and seasoning tips, so you can keep your Dutch oven perfectly seasoned for future camping trips.

Overmont Camp Dutch Oven 11.2x11x8

Overmont Camp Dutch Oven

This perfectly round oven for camping has sturdy legs that will keep it upright over the fire and coals. The non-stick surface is perfect for cooking almost anything while camping and you will never have stuck-on foods, as long as your oven is seasoned properly. The lid of this oven can be used as a skillet or fry pan, so that means you do not need to take as many pots and pans with you during the trip.

The heat is evenly distributed through this best Dutch oven for camping and doesn’t be surprised if you use it for baking in the morning, frying at lunch, and searing some meat for dinner. The lid lifter will ensure you never drop the lid or burn yourself when checking your food. The durable handle that is included will allow you to hang your Dutch oven over the fire as well, without you needing to worry that it will fall in.

Camp Chef 6 Qt Seasoned Cast Iron Oven

Camp Chef Cast Oven

All Dutch ovens should be seasoned when you purchase them, so never buy one that has not been pre-seasoned for you. This one has a true seasoned finish and there is a starter booklet included with seasoning tips if something goes wrong when you are first using it. This may be one of the smaller ovens, but that doesn’t mean it won’t meet your needs if you camp in smaller groups.

You will love the lid lifter and built-in thermometer notch because they will make using this oven quite easy in the beginning, as you are getting used to it.

Texsport Cast IronOven with Legs

Texsport Cast Iron Dutch Oven For Camping

This is only a four-quart Dutch oven, so you will probably only use it to make items like cobbler or meals for one or two people. This oven can be used over any campfire and the legs ensure it won’t tip over when you are using it.

There is great heat distribution in this oven and the tight-fitting lid ensures that the heat stays inside, and the food stays moist. The wire handle makes it easy to remove this oven from the fire without touching any lingering flames or the hot coals. This is considered the best oven because it is resistant to chipping and warping. A stiff brush and hot water are all you need to keep this oven clean and ready for the next meal.

Lodge 5 Quart Cast Iron Oven

Lodge 5 Quart Cast Oven

Some people consider five-quarts small, so you will want to make sure you know who you are cooking for when you are camping before purchasing this oven. While this is perfect for smaller meals and cobblers, it won’t do the job if you are planning on feeding a crowd. This oven is pre-seasoned and ready for you to add food to before setting on a fire.

The lid fits very tight, so all your food will stay moist and cook evenly. The special coiled handle is perfect for when you need to lift this oven because it gives you something better to grip as you are lifting it out of the fire.

Stansport Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Stansport Cast Iron Oven

This is a really small, two-quart oven, but it will be perfect if you are only preparing small meals. This oven still distributes heat evenly, while keeping the food hot and moist. The legs on this oven will keep it level when it is sitting in a campfire or over charcoal. This one is resistant to warping and chipping, which is perfect since it is going to be used outdoors a lot.

In Conclusion

There are so many different Dutch ovens out there to consider when you are looking at them. This list includes every single one of the best Dutch ovens for camping, so you can easily narrow it down to which one will fit your needs the best. However, depending on the amount of camping you do, as well as the amount of cooking while you are camping, you may find that you need to purchase a couple of different Dutch ovens to make sure you are well fed on every campout you take.

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