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Best Stair Climbing Hand Trucks – 2021 Reviews

Lugging large appliances or boxes up and down stairs can be quite challenging. However, so can lugging them across driveways and yards just to reach your house. If you are finding that you are moving a lot of items around quite often, or need some help with getting your groceries from the car to your home, then you might want to consider purchasing a best stair climbing hand truck.

This stair climbing dolly will save your back, make your life easier, and allow you to move things from one place to the next with ease.

UpCart The All-Terrain Stair Climbing Folding Cart

UpCart Folding Cart

This stair climbing dolly offers an all-terrain three-wheel chassis combined with a folding hand cart. This makes this stair climbing hand truck perfect for those who want to haul things around multiple ways! You can easily maneuver this hand truck over curbs, up the stairs, and even up, over, and around tricky terrain out on the trails while camping.

The handle on this stair climbing dolly is adjustable, so you will never hurt yourself as you switch from level ground and stairs. You will find going up and down the stairs with heavy loads is so much easier with this hand truck and you will feel much more stable as you are moving things around. You also won’t feel the horrendous pull and push force you do with some of the other hand trucks on the market.

The best part about this hand truck is that it folds up into a compact size of just four inches. This means that it will easily fit into a closet until you need it to move something in the future.

Dbest Products Stair Climber Bigger Trolley Dolly

dbest products Stair Climber

This portable and collapsible stair climbing dolly is perfect for the grocery shopping, flea markets, and even the beach. It comes with a polyester storage bag that contains eight different compartments. Those compartments include a beverage holder, inner pouch, front flap pocket, rear pocket, and even an area to hold your umbrella. You can easily remove this storage bag when you do not need it. The base that holds the storage bag will hold one hundred and fifty pounds on its own, so you can easily stack a box or two on top.

This best stair climbing hand truck has a six-wheel design, which allows this hand truck to move up and down stairs with ease. When you are not using this stair climbing dolly, you can fold it in half before storing in the trunk of your car, closet, garage, and under a bed.

Winkeep Shopping Cart, Super Loading Stair Climber Cart 220 lbs Capacity

Winkeep Shopping Cart

Grocery shopping will never be easier with this best stair climbing hand truck that holds up to two hundred twenty pounds. The storage shopping bag contains six different large pockets, so you can keep everything organized. In addition to the large inside pocket, you get a front pocket, back zipper pocket, inner zipper pocket, and two side pockets. You can easily remove the storage bag to use the hand truck for moving other items.

When you are moving other items, you can use the included bungee cord to keep items from slipping off. The wide wheel span ensures that you can easily move this cart up and down stairs with ease. Those wheels also ensure that you can use this hand truck on cobblestone streets, broken down crosswalks and streets, and even lawns and hiking trails.

The steel frame will not rust and is easy to fold in half for storage. You can easily store this stair climbing hand truck in a closet, garage, trunk of a car, and even under a bed.

Best Equip 330 lbs Capacity Stair Climber Cart
BestEquip 330 Capacity Stair Climber

This dolly can hold up to three hundred thirty pounds and still allow you to go up and down stairs with ease. The frame of this hand truck is made from carbon steel, so it will never bend under pressure.

The unique features on this stair climbing dolly include the tripod thickened wheels, bolder axis, high precision drive shaft, and chassis folding thickening. It is easy to adjust the handle, so you can be comfortable, whether you are using this on a straight path or up and down stairs.

When you are not using this hand truck, you can easily fold it up, so it is only thirty inches deep. This smaller size will allow you to tuck it away almost anywhere, including inside a closet.

Harper Trucks 6781 Harper Appliance Hand Truck

Harper Trucks 6781

The manufacturing of this stair climbing dolly allows it to hold up to eight hundred pounds, as you lug stuff around and up and down stairs. The frame is made from steel and the wheels are made from tough rubber. The two-piece polyester belt will ensure nothing slips while you are moving it around.

One of the best features on this best stair climbing hand truck is the mon-marking vinyl facing that won’t ruin anything you are moving from one place to the next. Most people love that this entire hand truck is manufactured in the US.

Tyke Supply Stair Climber Aluminum Hand Truck – Commercial

Tyke Supply Stair Climber

This dolly offers two maximum load holds, which is perfect for those who like to haul more when the hand truck is on flat ground. When you are using this hand truck on level ground, you can move up to five hundred fifty pounds. However, when you are using this on stairs, you will need to limit your load to a maximum of three hundred thirty pounds.

It is easy to move the wheel assembly, so you can use this hand truck in multiple ways. This stair climbing hand truck is lightweight, so you will never be moving more weight than you need to. The two handles also make it easy to adjust your grip as you move from one area to the next, so you never need to stop to switch the handle around in the middle of a job.

Magliner 86006 C5 Stair Climber Kit for Standard Hand Truck

Magliner 86006 C5 Stair Climber Kit

This is not your ordinary stair climbing dolly, because it is a kit that will turn your current hand truck into one that can climb stairs. This product includes two stair climbers, as well as all the hardware you need to get your own stair climbing hand truck ready to use.

The cast aluminum sliders offer replaceable low friction polymer skid bars that are tough and quiet when moving. You will be able to easily move anything up and down stairs without exerting any major effort.

Final Thoughts

Finding a stair climbing dolly that will meet your needs can be a little tricky because you need to purchase the one that will work for you long into the future. While you can settle for one that only moves a couple of hundred pounds now, you may need one that is a little more robust in the future. Therefore, you may want to consider all your options, and your future needs, as you are purchasing the best stair climbing hand truck for you.

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