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Best Smelling Fabric Softeners For The Home – 2021

Laundry detergent can do a good job of getting your dirty clothes clean, but don’t you want that fresh and clean smell to last long after you have tucked your clothes away in the drawer or closet? The best way to do that is to use a fabric softener, because the scent lingers for weeks, while also helping prevent static cling and wrinkles.

In fact, some of the best smelling fabric softeners will have your clothes smelling amazing a month later! Simply check out the fabric softener reviews to see which one offers the best scents and the best results in 2021.

Bounce Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets

Bounce Fabric Softener

The outdoor fresh scent of these Bounce dryer sheets will have you feeling as if you just spent hours outside, whether you are wearing your clothes or simply putting them away. These fabric softener dryer sheets are color safe, so you will never find the color from your clothes on them when you take everything out of the dryer.

The best thing about these best-smelling fabric softener dryer sheets though is that your clothes will never have any static cling after using them. Therefore, you will never need to feel the pain of peeling clothes apart or getting a shock, as you try to fold your laundry once it’s clean. These fabric softener sheets will even repel lint and hair!

Bounce fabric softener dryer sheets are simple to use too. Simply place one in your dryer for small and medium loads, two sheets for large and full loads, and three sheets for extra-large loads.

Downy Ultra Cool Cotton Liquid Fabric Conditioner

Downy Ultra Cool Softener Reviewneeds

Have you ever wondered if there is a best-smelling fabric softener out there that will not stretch your clothes? How about fabric softeners that will not fade the gorgeous colors of your clothes? According to the reviews for this Downy product, you will never experience stretched out clothes, or fading colors, when you use this incredible product.

Every time you use a small capful of this fabric softener in your washing machine, your clothes will come out smelling crisp and clean. That scent will last for weeks, while the fabric softener also helps prevent static and wrinkles.

The best part about this product is that it is compatible with all types of HE washing machines, so you will never damage your machine while using it. Plus, you can use this best smelling product with your favorite laundry detergent and still have fabulous results!

Downy Ultra Liquid Fabric Conditioner

Downy Ultra Liquid

Clothes will never fade, stretch, or be covered with fuzzies and hair when you take the time to add this fabric softener to your laundry routine. This best smelling fabric softener will also soften the fabrics within your clothes, filling them with scents that will burst out into the air for many weeks in the future. This Downy fabric softener will also prevent static cling, so your clothes never stick together.

One of the best things about this fabric softener, is that this packaging takes up half the amount of space of their regular bottles. This is perfect if you do not have a lot of available space in your laundry room. Plus, it is so easy to pour the fabric softener out of this sturdy pouch.

Snuggle Plus Super Fresh Liquid –  31.7 Fluid Ounces

Snuggle-Plus Liquid Fabric Softener

Parents of teens and sporting enthusiasts will love the odor-blocking qualities of this best-smelling fabric softener! Snuggle has managed to create a fabric softener that is filled with odor-fighting ingredients that are designed to block tough odors and provide long-lasting scents and freshness.

While the ever-fresh scent works well with blocking and preventing odors, it also helps prevent static cling in everything you wash. This product can be used in any washing machine, so you will never damage your machine as you try to keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean. The best part about this product is that your clothes will smell amazing whether you are wearing them, or they are sitting in your dresser drawers.

Amazon Brand – Presto! Concentrated Fabric Softener

Amazon Brand Presto Fabric Softener

This fabric softener is hypoallergenic, free of dyes, free of perfumes, and quite gentle on the skin. Using this fabric softener in your laundry will ensure you have soft clothes, less static cling, fewer wrinkles, and no reactions to the softener being used. This Amazon fabric softener is considered one of the best selling on the market.

This one bottle of fabric softener uses half the dose of regular fabric softeners, which means you will end up using less with each load and your bottle will last much longer. A single one hundred fluid ounce container of Presto fabric softener will allow you to do two hundred fifty loads of laundry.

Gain Liquid Fabric Softener

Gain Liquid Fabric Softener

According to the reviews, the scent from Gain fabric softener lasts for up to six weeks on your clothes. This means your closet and dresser will smell amazing for weeks at a time, with that scent being refreshed every single time you do another load of laundry.

If you really want to experience the best scent from this fabric softener, it is recommended that you use it with the corresponding laundry detergent with the same scent. This best smelling fabric softener can be used with all washing machines and you won’t need to use a lot to get the results you desire. This is especially true if you match this fabric softener with the same scented laundry detergent, booster beads, and dryer sheets.

Seventh Generation Natural Fabric Softener

Seventh Generation Natural Softener

If you are the type of person who does not like strong scents on their clothes but hates the feeling of scratchy shirts and pants, you are going to want to look into this Seventh Generation fabric softener. There is a light scent with this fabric softener, but it is created by natural ingredients that will not trigger your allergies.

You can easily use this softener with your favorite laundry detergent and your clothes will come out soft, static cling free, and ready to wear. A little goes a long way with this softener and it is safe to use with all washing machines.

Downy Ultra Infusions Lavender Serenity

Downy Ultra infusions Lavender

Downy has long made what is considered some of the good smelling fabric softeners, which is what makes this option so popular. You may already know that lavender is a scent that is calming and relaxing and that is what makes this the perfect fabric softener for sheets and other clothing you wear to bed.

It is not necessary to use a lot of this fabric softener in each load of laundry you do, because the scent is quite strong with even the smallest amount. You can use this softener in any washing machine and with any other laundry detergent. The best part is that you can smell the scent from it for weeks after your clothes have come out of the wash.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best smelling fabric softeners available and by reading these descriptions, and the fabric softener reviews in 2021, you can easily determine which one will be best for all your fresh smelling laundry needs! If you have been searching for a good smelling fabric softener, you should now be capable of finding the one that fulfills all your requirements!

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