Best Ring Light For Selfies – 2021 (Updated List)

Ever since the very first smartphone hit the market years ago, people have been taking self pictures or selfies as they have become known as. Being able to take a quick picture of you and your surroundings and share them with everyone, mostly via social media is unbelievably popular. Selfies are really easy to make since they use the front-facing camera of your smartphone and all you have to do is point your phone at your face and click.

While camera technology has improved over the years, taking the best quality selfies can be a bit difficult due to poor lighting conditions. To solve this, companies have been developing lighting systems that are designed to enhance your selfie results. This article is devoted to the smartphone light ring and it truly is one of the absolute best accessories since the introduction of the selfie stick.

After all of our research, we put together a list of the best ring light for a selfie. As part of our research, we found a lot of details about all of the ring lights on our list and we included reviews in order to share the information that we discovered.

Below is the list of all ten of the best selfie ring lights that we were able to find. We hope that you are able to use all of the information that we included in order for you to make an informed decision.

It is powered by a tiny rechargeable battery that never needs to be replaced. It is lightweight and simply clips onto your smartphone, tablet, or other devices.

Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light

Auxiwa Clip Selfie Ring 1

The Auxiwa Clip-on Selfie Ring Light is designed to provide the right amount of background light in order to enhance your selfies. It is made from only the highest quality materials and uses multiple LED lights to produce the perfect amount of light. The light is produced by the 36 LED bulbs that are positioned in a ring formation.

The Auxiwa is powered by an internal rechargeable battery and it can easily be recharged using a USB cable which can be plugged into a wide range power source (USB power bank, power strip with USB ports, laptop or tablet). The light is held in place on your smartphone in close proximity to the front-facing camera.

It is extremely lightweight (only 1.5 ounces) and it clips securely to your device. It features soft pads to help it stay in place without damaging your phone, tablet, or laptop computer. It has three brightness settings and can be changed to simply pushing in the on the power button.

The Auxiwa Clip-on Ring Light is a high-quality light that can be used where ever additional background lighting is needed.

Selfie Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder Stand

Ubeesize Ring Light

The Ubeesize Light is a highly useful accessory that is designed to deliver beneficial light wherever you are needing it. The precise amount of light can make all the difference in the world when it comes to taking selfies. Most smartphones have a flash for the rear-facing camera in order to enhance the quality of pictures and videos that are being taken.

The Ubeesize Selfie Light is designed especially for providing the beneficial extra light to all pictures and video is done using the front-facing camera for selfies. Along with proper lighting, having a relatively steady hand will also help go a long way to ensure that your selfies turn. This light also includes a built-in smartphone holder which helps to keep the device still when taking pictures.

The powerful LED lights that are built into the ring light can be adjusted to three different light colors (white light, warm light, and warm yellow) and it also has 10 different brightness levels. It can also be used for a wide range of other applications, including a laptop/tablet.

The Ubeesize is an extremely useful ring light that has many different uses.

UBeesize 8″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Ubeesize 8 Ring Light

The UBeesize 8″ is a high-quality, multifunction ring light that can be used for doing selfies and making quality YouTube videos with your smartphone. It comes with a universal smartphone mount attached to a highly adjustable tripod stand. This helps to cut down on the vibration caused by shaky hands.

The large 8” light ring features multiple LED lights that produce an amazing amount of light. The color of the light can be adjusted (white, warm yellow, and warm white) along with the brightness of the light. The color and brightness of the light can help enhance the overall result in your video or still pictures.

The tripod that is included has an adjustable height mechanism the ranges from 17.50” to 51” in height. The smartphone mount is designed to be universal so that it is able to accommodate most brands and model phones (with or without case).

The UBeesize 8″ is one of the most versatile of all the ring lights that we have on our list.

GIM l187 Rechargeable Ring Light

GIM l187

The GIM l187 Rechargeable is a compact, clip-on ring light that features multiple LED lights. It’s lightweight won’t add much additional weight to your smartphone. If features adjustable color and brightness settings that help to influence what your videos and still pictures will look like on your phone.

It is powered by an internal, rechargeable battery that does not need to be replaced. It comes with a short USB charging cable to make it easy to keep your light working. It will fit easily in your bag when not in use and only takes a second to clip it in place. The power button is located in a place that makes it really easy to reach. It was designed to work seamlessly with almost all brands and models of smartphones on the market.

The GIM l187 is a great little clip-on ring light that provides plenty of needed light for selfies.

Meifigno Selfie Phone Camera Ring Light

Meifigno Selfie Phone-

The Meifigno Selfie Phone Camera Ring Light is a compact, rechargeable light that clips easily to your smartphone and many other mobile devices that have a built-in camera. It features multiple LED lights configured in a ring shape. It is powered by a tiny, powerful rechargeable battery that does not need to be replaced.

The clip-on mounting holds it securely in place, but it will not cause any damage to the screen. The 36 tiny LED bulbs provide an amazing amount of light and feature three different brightness levels (low, medium, and high) and can be switched easily between the brightness settings using the dimmer button. Recharging the internal battery is really easy using a USB charging cable that has a micro USB and standard USB end for the easiest way to charge it using a laptop or wall adapter.

The Meifigno Selfie Phone Camera Ring Light is a perfect little clip-on selfie light that can also be used as a makeup light as well.

Aptoyu 8″ LED Ring Light for Live Stream

Aptoyu Selfie Ring Light

The Aptoyu 8″ is a high-quality product that can be used both for selfies and video recording with most any smartphone and other mobile devices. It includes a highly adjustable tripod stand and smartphone holder. The multi-light settings will enhance all of your still pictures and video recordings.

The tripod and wireless remote control mean that you can set up your shot and control the light settings without having to touch your phone. The extra-large light features 80 small LED bulbs that provide an exceptional amount of light. The light has three color settings (white, warm yellow, and warm white) and it also has 10 brightness settings to choose from in order to create the perfect picture or video.

The included tripod is highly adjustable from 17” up to 51” high and is designed to reduce or totally eliminate the problems caused by an unsteady hand.

The Aptoyu 8″ LED ring light for Live Stream is a highly versatile light that can be used for both selfies and recording videos.

KobraTech MiLight Selfie Light Ring

KobraTech Selfie Light Ring

The KobraTech Milite Selfie Light Ring is a high-quality smartphone accessory that is designed for enhancing the quality of selfies and videos. It’s compact size and lightweight makes it perfect for most smartphones and other mobile devices. Powered by an internal rechargeable battery that does not require replacement.

The light is produced by the 36 individual LED bulbs and it has three different selectable brightness settings (level 1,2, and 3). The lighting and shutter can be easily controlled by the included Bluetooth wireless remote from up to 30 feet away. The remote is compatible with most Apple iOS and Google Android-enabled smartphones and tablets. The internal battery can quickly be recharged using the included USB cord.

The KobraTech Selfie Light Ring is a high-quality lightweight and compact light that is perfect for using both iOS and Android smartphone users.

Natwag 6″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Natwag Selfie Ring Light

The Natwag 6″ with Tripod Stand is a high-quality battery-powered LED light that is made specifically for devices using built-in cameras. While most smartphones come with built-in flashes for its rear-facing camera, none of them have addressed the lighting problem with the front-facing cameras. The selfie right light was created in order to solve the lighting problem.

Natwag designed their extra-large, 6” LED Ring Light to provide the much-needed light enhancement for selfies and videos. It features multiple LED bulbs situated in a ring and provides the perfect amount of light. The light can be provided in three different colors (cool light, mixed-mode, and warm light) and 11 different brightness levels.

The power comes from an internal battery that can be recharged using the USB cable plugged into a laptop, portable power bank, or AC charger. It also comes with an adjustable tripod and smartphone holder that makes it perfect for a number of difference uses including; selfies, videos, and makeup tables.

The Natwag 6″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand is one of the best-rated selfie ring lights on our list and it would be a great choice for anyone needing a light for their smartphone.

Umsky Selfie Ring Light

Umsky Ring Light

The Umsky, is the best value ring light on our list. It is made from high-quality materials for extra long use. The light features multiple LED bulbs and is powered by an internal rechargeable battery. The compact size and weight mean that it can easily be clipped to most any Apple iPhone or Android-enabled smartphone.

The 30 individual LED bulbs produce an incredible amount of light for enhancing selfies and video recording. The amount of light is selectable including; level one, level two, level three, and strobing. The power is provided by an internal rechargeable battery that can easily be charged using the included USB cord plugged into a laptop, external power bank or AC charger. The easy to operate ring light operates by pushing a single power button. By continuing to push the power button it will step through the light levels.

The Umsky Selfie Light Ring is one of the best, low-cost ring lights on our list.

BESTTY Selfie Ring Light Rechargeable

Bestty Selfie Light

The BESTTY is high-quality clip-on ring light that is designed to be used by most of today’s popular smartphones, tablets, and portable computers. The ring light like this were developed especially for solving the low light issue often associated with the front-facing camera used for taking selfies and some types of video recording.

The BESTTY is a really compact and lightweight light that clips securely to most brands and models of today’s smartphones the run Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS. The power for the 36 individual LED bulbs comes from an internal rechargeable battery that does not ever need to be replaced. It can be charged using the included USB cord that can be plugged into a laptop, external power bank or AC adapter.

The BESTTY Selfie Ring Light Rechargeable is the perfect ring light for those people who on a budget.

What is a Selfie Ring Light?

With the mobile phone came the camera phone, it’s early days were not spectacular and many phone cameras suffered from poor quality and low definition screens. Those early days of mobile photography we are far cry from the ultra high definition of today’s smartphones. With flashes, multi-lenses and high definition screens, the world of mobile photography has leaped forward.

Many mobile phones can compete with major brands of digital cameras and can provide filters and special effects. At the tap of an icon!

Surprisingly what has not evolved symbiotically is selfies and the technology. When phones started to include a forward-facing camera, the age of the selfie took over. Photos weren’t photos if they didn’t include the taker posing next to something interesting, or simply posing. Many phone manufacturers have tried and been less than completely successful in providing technology for this craze. Some phones have the screen change to white light, while others have tried implementing an LED beside the front-facing camera.

Some of these innovations have been accepted for regular consumers; however, have often left much to be desired. For bloggers, vloggers, and those wanting to take their selfie game to the next level, something had to be done. Some of our best memories take place in darkened rooms, think concerts and clubs or house parties and previous technology just couldn’t capture these moments. Often these pictures were too dark, out of focus or blurry.

Step forward the Selfie Ring Light! This was such a simple invention but completely changed the game for many. Providing a simple attachment feature and a constant level of light for those snapshot memories. The selfie ring light is portable and powerful and since its inception has improved the selfie quality for many customers.

Selfie Ring Light Buying Guide – Things to Consider

Since the first selfie ring lights hit the market more and more manufactures have been producing them; with very varied results. Due to the overwhelming amount available there are several things to consider from price to quality to the size and how the ring light will be used. Here we will break down the most common things to consider so you can buy the best selfie ring for your needs.

1) Cost

The amount of ring lights that exist on the market range from very affordable to very expensive. Many of the more expensive options are professional studio quality lights and don’t require consideration from many consumers. The same can be said for the opposite end of the spectrum concerning the cheaper items. Some of these cheapest options can be purchased for less than a single US dollar. Often the build quality and even the quality of the lights are very poor and won’t provide any gains or improvement to your pictures.

Many ring lights can be found in that “Goldilocks zone” where the price isn’t prohibitive and the product is made from quality materials and works well with your phone while providing a great source of consistent light. Some models even have multiple light options to adjust to specific environments. With so much choice available many ring lights have fallen into a cost bracket where affordability meets great features and consumers don’t have to pay a fortune for a great selfie light.

2) Size

Before buying a ring light, ask yourself how you are going to use it. Is it for professional quality lighting? Are you a blogger or vlogger in need of additional studio lighting? Do you want a high-quality studio-style light that you can take on the go for professional photoshoots where you are? Or are you simply looking to improve your selfie game?

The answers to these questions will guide you toward the right type of selfie ring Light for you. If you are needing a more professional setup then you will naturally be aware that this will be larger than a selfie ring light designed for personal use. The larger size is acceptable in this situation as many of the higher-end versions come with tripods and special mounts, also it is unlikely that for a professional quality photo shoot that mobility is a high requirement.

Where people are looking for a more portable and personal option then size becomes a big factor. The ability to carry the ring light without effort will be crucially important. The ring light is an accessory with a specific purpose so it needs to be able to be attached and taken off the phone easily and without fuss. Many ring lights will be small enough to fit in a pocket or bag discretely and yet powerful enough to light those special moments.

3) Material

The ring light is typically constructed from plastic components to provide protection against wear and tear while providing a lightweight build. The use of plastics in these products ensures that the costs are kept to a minimum during production so that these devices are affordable for all budgets. One of the concerns for manufacturers and consumers alike is when attaching an external device to a Smartphone is the potential for damage or scratching, especially the screen. The solution to this was to create a super lightweight product with rubber or sponge buffer pads to ensure that nothing sharp is contacting the screen.

When shopping for a ring light always ensure that the ring has some protection for your phone screen and that it is constructed from lightweight materials. This will help not only when transporting a lighter ring but also when in use so you can have peace of mind that improving your selfies does not come at the cost of scratches on your phone screen.

How to Use a Selfie Ring Light

Selfie Ring Light In The DarkProfessional setups require a different set of instructions to set up and use so I’m not going to focus on them here. Instead, I will be focusing on the personal range of selfie ring lights. These typically come with a rechargeable battery inbuilt to the device and a simple USB charger will ensure that the battery remains full.

Typically these lights will clip on to the phone with the lights on the ring projecting forwards, toward the user and circling the camera lens on the front of the phone. This directs a halo of consistent light towards and around the subject, casting light where it can be used to capture those moments in the dark.

Some models even include buttons to change the light intensity and even strobe for additional effects while shooting selfie videos or depending on your ambient light. The great thing about the ring light is that they are very intuitive to use with simple features that make the most of the environment around us.

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