Best Projector Screen Paint For The Home

Have you struggled with massive theater screens in the past? All those long, and wide, screens that you pull down like an old shade and hope will roll back up when you are finished using it? We completely understand those struggles, as well as the struggle of finding where to store that monstrosity, whether in the basement, attic, or out in the garage!

Thankfully, there is a better option nowadays with a simple application of projector screen paint. This paint will allow you to make any wall, ceiling, or even a floor into a projection screen. Once you add your projector screen paint where you want it, you will never need to deal with putting the screen away after watching a movie!

Paint On Screen (Digital Theater)

Paint on Screen Projector Paint

This digital theater white paint has a silver base that allows for the best projector screen showing when watching movies.  It also has a neutral color shift, so you avoid all those unnecessary glares. In fact, you can watch up to a 4K HD resolution on your new screen once you have your screen painted in place.

This  paint is water based and has a low VOC, so you will not be overwhelmed by the fumes as you are painting. One gallon of this best projector screen paint will create a two-hundred-and-forty-inch diagonal screen image. While you can easily keep this projection screen in place for years, you can also paint over it to cover it up if you need to sell your home or simply want to move your home theater to somewhere else in your house or outdoors.

Digital Image Screen Paint – High Definition 4K Ultra White Quart

Digital Image Screen Paint 4K

This high definition paint offers a high contrast when it comes to resolution. Once you open this quart container, you will instantly see it is brighter than any of the white paint you are accustomed to painting with.

This entire quart will allow you to apply two coats onto what will be an eight foot by five-foot screen for your new home theater. As you are painting, you will find that there is very little odor, plus there are no VOCs to deal with.  While you can roll this paint on quickly, you can place it in a sprayer for an even faster application process. This  paint dries quite quickly, so you can be watching your favorite movie on it later the same day.

(S1 Screen Paint Silver) By Paint On Screen

This best paint utilizes an absolute neutral color shift that will allow you to watch up to 4K HD resolution for any movie or video you want to play on it. The silver color gives you a better idea of where the screen is in the room, although many people choose to add a border around the screen with a different color paint or material. Of course, you can also paint an entire wall with this  paint, so you always have the screen size you desire.

An entire gallon of this paint will create a screen that is two hundred forty inches diagonally, which is perfect for most movies and videos. You can always purchase more than one gallon if you want a larger screening area or simply want to cover the entire wall of your home theater.

Projector Screen Paint High Definition 4K Ultra White Gallon

Digital Image Screen Paint 4k Ultra White

A home theater can be placed almost anywhere according to the reviews of past users.  While many people have turned a wall in their family room or living room with this paint, others have used it in conference rooms and classrooms. The paint has both high definition and high resolution and once you have applied it, you will notice that it is much brighter than a wall painted with regular white paint. Of course, this brightness only enhances your viewing experience when you are using it as a projection screen.

You can easily roll this paint onto a wall, but it can also be placed into a sprayer to make the application much easier and faster. One gallon of this paint will create a screen that is sixteen feet by ten feet.  Once you have this projector paint on the wall, it dries quite quickly, so you can be watching a movie just a few hours later.

Elite Screens ChromaFlux Screen Paint

Elite Screens Projector Paint

The neutral grayscale of this paint creates vibrant colors when a movie or other video is being shown on the screen. All black and white colors will also be enhanced, so you do not lose out on the details in any of the images up on the projector screen. Ambient light is also rejected from this screen, so you will never have any glare when you are using your home theater or throughout the rest of the day.

This is a commercial-grade material, which is usually used in commercial buildings, but that is what makes it perfect for a home theater as well. You can only apply this screen paint with a compressor spray gun though, so make sure you have one, or have access to one, prior to purchasing. You can also purchase one exclusively for this use, and to use the next time you need to apply paint to a wall. One container of this paint will create a screen up to one hundred forty inches diagonally.

Smart Projector Paint 65 square feet White – By SmarterSurfaces

SmarterSurfaces Projector Paint

One of the best parts about this screen paint is that you never need a primer coat underneath unless the surface has not been treated or is completely bare. Plus, this paint has a five-year performance guarantee for all applications on concrete, plaster, wallboard, metal, and wood.

This is a water-based paint that has unique reflective qualities and ensures clear and sharp images. A container of this paint will cover a sixty-five square foot surface, which is as large of a screen as you really need. It is best to apply two coats if you want the best results and you can do so with a roller or a sprayer. Once you have applied the second coat, you must let it dry for twenty-four hours before using.

Ultra HD Premium Paint By Digital Image Screen Paint

Ultra HD Premium Paint

According to the reviews, this screen paint never has any hot spots thanks to the Optiperfect sheen. That sheen also offers the maximum brightness for perfect movie viewing. This acrylic latex paint is water-based and once it is applied, it works well with all HD projectors, as well as 4K HD options.

You can easily roll on this paint or you can spray it on. This gallon will cover an area of one hundred sixty square feet if you use two coats, which is recommended.

In Conclusion

These are all your options when it comes to the best projector screen paint that is available. Each one has unique features, but they will all give you an amazing home theater that you don’t have to put up and take down each time you want to watch a video or a movie. If you are ready to take your home theater experience to the next level, simply determine which screen paint listed above is the one that will fit your needs the most.

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