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Best Portable Water Heater – 2021 Reviews

Having continuous access to hot water is not something that you necessarily have to forgo when going ‘off-the-grid’. Whether it be camping, or even tiny home living, getting access to hot water can be a crucial step towards improved comfort and hygiene. However, actually getting your hands on hot water might seem impossible at first glance; that is unless you have a portable hot water heater.

In the absence of electricity, and without boiling water over a fire, a portable water heater is a perfect addition to any wilderness lifestyle. Portable gas water heaters work by directly heating water over a controlled flame and allowing users to shower or wash, their gear, and pets wherever they are. All you need is access to a water supply, and a propane tank and the portable gas water heater can bring the comfort of hot water to you in a matter of minutes.

Choosing the best gas water heater for your needs will come down to a few factors such as; frequency of use, location, preferred heat and pressure output, etc, If you are someone who finds yourself going off the grid often, whether it be through camping or tiny home living, you could likely make use of a portable gas water heater. Here are a few portable water heater reviews for you to consider when you begin the search for the best portable water heater for your needs.

Camplux 5L Outdoor Portable Water Heater

Camplux 5L 1.32

The portable tankless water heater by Camplux is a great option for those who are new to the concept of a portable water heater. This unit is exceptionally easy to get up and running, and won’t require a very in-depth understanding of assembly and operation in general. Almost anyone can set up and use this simply designed heater in a matter of minutes. The 5ft long shower hose ensures that the heater can be mounted in versatile locations while still maintaining great functionality as well.

The ignition of this gas portable water heater is powered by the use of only 2 d-cell batteries; which ensures that the unit can be ignited and operated anywhere even without access to electricity.

The Camplux 5L outdoor heater is a great beginner option for anyone who finds themselves in need of hot water in remote areas, but doesn’t want to make a massive investment of time or energy.

GASLAND BE158 Portable Water Heater

Gasland BE158 Water Heater

The GASLAND BE158 is an excellent water heater for anyone who wants to set up easy access to hot water outdoors. This high powered and energy-efficient hot water heater works wonderfully for those who live in off-the-grid tiny homes; or even those who travel in campers or make regular trips to remote cabin destinations and need access to a hot and cleansing shower. With its easy mountability, and wide range of water pressure settings, this portable hot water heater is a great option for bringing quality bathing facilities to remote locations in a snap.

The GASLAND BE158 operates on minimal water pressure requirements, which means that you won’t have an incredible amount of water pressure to make this unit work properly. As long as there is a minimum of 2.5psi water output, this heater will flow and operate accordingly. This ensures that users can achieve a nice warm shower almost anywhere.

This is a great portable water heater option for minimalist and off the beaten path living.

Marey GA5PORT Heater

Marey GA5PORT Portable

The Marey GA5PORT is a compact and sleek portable gas heater that works well for those who want to have a reliable and safe hot water back up–just in case. This unit is slightly larger than some competing portable gas heaters, and thus might be best for use as a semi-permanent installation. However, that is not to say that it can’t be transported during extended camping trips, etc, However, this unit really shines when it is installed and used as a safe and sturdy backup water heater in times of need.

The Marey GA5PORT fixes easily to a variety of surfaces for simple mounting and provides fast and safe hot water in a matter of seconds. Whether you need it for summer cabins, outdoor barn facilities, or even as a backup during power outages or when your hot water heater in-home is down; this unit is great for hot water in a pinch.

The Marey GA5PORT provides continual streaming hot water through the pressurized shower head, and can easily adjust the temperature to fit your own comfort levels.

This is a great emergency hot water heater for those who love to be prepared.

Camplux 10L Outdoor Portable Water Heater

Camplux 10L Outdoor

The Camplux 10L heater is a slightly larger unit than the 5L counterpart. In many ways, it works in the same manner, but to a much higher capacity. This unit is ideal for families who love to take long camping trips together, or even those who have plenty of animals and pets that need to be washed down on the regular. The Camplux 10L is great for providing a constant stream of well pressurized hot water in an instant. It heats fast, and works for a long time–the entire family can wash off without fears of running out of hot water!

Camplux is known for making high-end industry-leading outdoor equipment, and the Camplux 10L outdoor portable water heater is no exception to this.

This supersized heater is easy to use, comes packed with backup safety mechanisms, and keeps on ‘ticking’ even after hours of steady use for the whole family.

GASLAND BS158 Gas Heater

Gasland Tankless Water Heater

GASLAND has created another easy to use and ‘barebones’ portable gas heater with the BS58 unit. This minimalist portable gas heater may not come with a ton of bells and whistles, but it is extremely user friendly and gets the job done. The GASLAND BS158 is designed with simple efficiency and ease of set up in mind. With a minimal amount of parts, and a 2-knob function design, the BS158 is so simple even a child could operate it. This makes it a great option for those who want a portable gas heater that they can bring along camping, and have up and running in a matter of minutes.

The GASLAND BS158 comes with all of the standard safety features that you could ever want in a portable gas heater. The unit automatically protects against water that exceeds 167°f, and comes equipped with water drain off valves to prevent ice build-up during winter camping seasons.

Overall this is a safe, reliable, and extremely simple unit to use that any outdoors lover will be able to enjoy and handle without any problems.

FORUEE Portable Water Heater

Foruee-Portable Propane Tankless

The Foruee portable water heater is a great water heater for those who wish to save money, and cut back on massive energy bills that come associated with hot water tanks, boilers, etc,. The Foruee heater is a slightly larger unit than competing units and works best when installed into an off-the-grid living space or camper. The overall mass of the unit itself is not the largest on this list, but it is quite heavy and bulky which can make moving around a bit of a hassle when simply tent camping. However, for RV campers, cabin owners, or even tiny homeowners who want to save on energy costs, this portable hot water heater is ideal.

The Foruee water heater comes with a 6-point safety system that ensures the unit will not overheat, flame out, over pressurize, or otherwise become a hazard when being used for regular bathing. The Foruee portable water heater provides plenty of safe ventilation, and can even be used indoors provided the facility has ample airflow–it will not overheat the room or the mounting wall!

This is a great portable water heater for tiny homeowners or RV owners who want to save money on energy, and become more efficient with their hot water.

Camptemp Portable Water Heater

Camptemp Propane Water Heater

The Camptemp water heater may look a bit old-school, but never fear–it is a great modern portable water heater unit to own! One thing that sets the Camptemp heater apart is the ease with which it can be permanently installed. This makes it a great option for campsite owners who wish to use the unit commercially, while also saving money on expensive hot water system installation! This is also an ideal system for those who wish to bring hot water to their barn, or stable for easy animal washing all year round.

The Camptemp portable water heater is a great fit for those who wish to get a more commercial or ‘industrial’ use out of their portable gas water heater. It might not be the ‘prettiest’ unit on the market, but it can handle a heavy workload for years to come.

Overall, this is a great portable hot water heater for those who own an outdoor facility that needs access to hot water in a pinch but don’t want to shell out the costs of expensive hot water installation and maintenance.

GASLAND AS150 Gas Heater

Gasland Portable Water Heater AS150

It’s hard to beat the overall value and quality of Gasland products when it comes to portable gas water heaters. The AS150 is another gas water heater by Gasland that delivers on all of the ‘check-boxes’ that campers love and value when shopping for a unit. The AS150 is lightweight, durable, simple to install and set up, and most importantly–it’s safe! The primary drawback of the AS150 is the lack of ventilation when compared to competitors. However, provided you are using this unit outside at all times, you will not notice a difference at all.

This is a rather heavy unit and can make traveling with it a bit of a hassle unless you have ample space and plenty of room for the weight. It is unlikely that you are going to want to take this unit hiking at just over 16lbs. However, it is relatively compact in terms of overall size, so it will fit nicely almost anywhere that you can think of to fit it.

The AS150 is a great outdoor portable gas water heater that campers and outdoor lovers can use reliably, so long as they keep it outdoors!

Campworld Portable Gas Water heater

Campworld Low Pressure Water Heater

Much like the Camptemp unit mentioned above, the first thing you will notice about the Campworld portable gas water heater is the industrial appearance. This is a hulking iron heater that is best suited for permanent installation in campsites or cabins for long term use. However, that is not to say this is a bad unit–in fact this thing is pretty great! This heater is eco friendly, In addition to being highly efficient. This heater works on advanced combustion systems in order to conserve gas consumption, and save you money!

The Campworld heater might seem a bit complex on the surface, but it is actually a pretty simple unit to install and use. The 3-knob design is simple for users to grasp even if they are not familiar with portable gas water heaters at all.

This is a great unit for commercial and private use wherever hot water may be needed–whether it be for washing yourself, your pets, your car, or your boat.


Gasland BS264 Portable Water Heater

The Gasland BS264 is a similar style and design to their other portable gas heater models, but it does come with a few design features that many seem to find work better on this model. The durable chrome wrapped shower head hose is both lengthy, and easily graspable for ease of use when showering. The water stop button on the showerhead also allows users to cut off water flow without having to turn the entire unit off as well.

This heater does not come with an LCD temperature display, which is a drawback for some buyers; however, it still remains a very safe and high functioning portable water heater despite this feature being absent.

This is the largest unit mentioned on this list, and as such is perhaps the least ‘portable’ of the bunch. However, don’t let that deter you. This unit is a great option for those who wish to have a reliable and safe backup for their everyday water heater, in case of emergency or even for general use. While this unit is not ideal for portability, it is perfect for bringing hot water to areas of your cabin or facility easily.

This bulky unit still serves a great purpose for those who want a bit more power, and longevity from their water heater, and don’t care about the unit being ‘small’.

Final Thoughts

The primary areas of concern that buyers should consider when purchasing a portable gas water heater are safety, portability, desired use, and ease of set up. Once you have determined how often this unit will be used, and what it will be used for, you can determine which portable water heater works best for you. You are guaranteed to find a great and reliable portable water heater out of any of the units mentioned above. You can be on your way to hot water anywhere, in no time!

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