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Best Lift Top Coffee Tables In 2021 (Updated Reviews)

A coffee table is the original centerpiece of a well-decorated living room. Before the age of television, coffee tables were the star of the show. They provide a place to gather around for games, book reading, snacks, and decor planning. All in all, a living room simply looks incomplete without a coffee table.

Lift top coffee tables offer a slightly more modern twist to the age-old furniture piece. A lift top coffee table with storage increases the overall item storage capacity of a living room, as well as increases efficiency and organization. Choosing the best lift top coffee table will likely come down to personal preference. However, we can still discuss a few of the best lift top coffee table reviews, in order to help you decide.

In addition to going over some of the best coffee table reviews, we will also add a handy guide to purchasing a lift top coffee table at the end of this article. That way, you will be able to have a nice overview of a few different lift top coffee table varieties, and then have a bit of help choosing which is best for you.

Now, let’s dive in and discuss some of the best available lift top coffee tables with storage in 2021.

Faux Marble Lift Top Coffee table – By Dorel Living

Faux Marble Lift Table

This faux marble table offers buyers the chance to purchase an elegantly designed, solid wood coffee table without the heavy marble top that real marble has. With a lift top coffee table, utilizing a heavy material such as marble would make the lifting top storage incredibly difficult, and unrealistic. However, this beautifully covered wood veneer mimics the appearance and feel of marble, without the added weight that would hamper functionality.

Th lift top works on a smooth operating mechanical hinge that allows for easy opening and closing with minimal effort. Fully extended, the table measures 28.5 inches high and closed it measures 18 inches. This will give you some idea of how fully the tabletop extends when opening. Overall, this is an elegantly designed table that offers owners a smooth marble appearance, without all of the weight and bulk associated with the material.

Sauder Carson Forge Table


Sauder Carson Forge

The Sauder Carson Forge table is an American made, eco-friendly and gorgeous coffee table. The richly stained wood provides a rustic aesthetic to any living space. In addition, the lifting top is stable enough to support a laptop, or study and work materials on it when fully extended, for those who wish to work in comfort. So, not only are you adding storage space to your living room, but you are adding a potential desk to your living room as well. In the modern working age of 2021, this is quite a handy piece of furniture.

This model is sturdy, well made, and visually appealing to anyone who wants to recreate a rustic and classic feeling within their living space. If hardy and rustic are the effects you are interested in, the Sauder Carson Forge lift top coffee table is among the best in 2021.

Signature Design By Ashley Lift Top Coffee Table – Bolanburg

Ashley Furniture Signature

The Bolanburg, from Signature Design by Ashley is a lift top coffee table that offers a unique rustic chest of drawers aesthetic, combined with a strong solid wood veneer. It comes in vintage two-tone colour design for a more modern twist on the classic styling. In addition, the drawer design wraps 360 degrees around the coffee table, to ensure that you can place it anywhere in the room and receive the same look and visual. Not a single inch of surface space on this coffee table is wasted when it comes to pleasing visual design.

The drawers are not purely for cosmetic appeal, either. They are actually fully functioning, which means that you will have even more storage space for your books, blankets, and remotes aside from just the opening lift top. This farmhouse style table drastically increases your storage capabilities within your living space, while simultaneously looking great. It’s a win-win!

AmazonBasics Lift Top Coffee Table

AmazonBasics Lift

This lift top coffee table by AmazonBasics offers a more modern, and ‘raw organic’ feel with its solid coffee-coloured wood finish. The minimalist and narrow design is pleasant to use, as well as look at. It will fit nearly any home decor, without issue, due to it’s stripped down and organic design. This is truly a more modern aesthetic, however the bare finish does also appeal to those who like a more vintage look.

The mechanism for raising the lift top is very smooth, and sturdy. You will have no trouble supporting some lightweight items such as snacks, tablet, or board games on top. This makes the table itself very useful as a multi-purpose piece of furniture. The inside storage space below the lift top is also incredibly spacious for as low profile as the table appears. All in all, this table by AmazonBasics is a nice modern twist on a raw and organic concept.

Sauder Edge Water Lift Top Coffee Table

Sauder Edge Water

Returning to the incredible line of lift top coffee tables offered by Sauder, we have the Sauder Edge Water Lift top coffee table. As opposed to the rustic vibe of the Carson Forge, this Sauder model offers a more modern and light aesthetic. The chestnut finish is very soft in appearance and fits easily in decor that is more ‘light ’in color. For those who love to have a modern and airy aesthetic within their living space, this table will work nicely.

The Edge Water is also amazingly simple to assemble, even if you aren’t an experienced ‘handy-man’. You should have no troubles from start to satisfying finish. Overall, this is a wonderfully modern and ‘light’ table that brings a lot of warmth and softness to any home living decor.

 Rockpoint Argus Lift Top Coffee Table

Rockpoint Argus Lift

The Rockpoint Argus coffee table brings a totally stripped-down design that will appeal to anyone who wants a ‘handcrafted’ aesthetic. Despite being composed of lighter engineered wood, this lift top coffee table appears to be made completely of fresh lumber. This means you will get the raw handcrafted experience, without any of the bulk and weight.

The internal compartment of the Argus, just underneath the lift top, is spacious and compartmentalized. This offers you the chance to have increased organizational potential. You can separate your stored items, for easier access and faster locating. The Argus offers a very basic handcrafted aesthetic, with increased storage efficiency. Overall, it’s a pretty great option for a lift top coffee table in the 2021 market.

Signature Design By Ashley Coffee Table – Tyler Creek

Signature Design by Ashley

The Tyler Creek, from Signature Design by Ashley, is a lift top coffee table very reminiscent of the Bolanburg mentioned above. Except this model comes with a few details to set it apart, in addition to the difference in finish and color. The primary separation factor is the materials used. Whereas the Bolanburg utilizes engineered wood covered in wood veneer, the Tyler Creek uses solid wood with minimal engineered veneers. This, of course, makes a slight difference in weight between the two, however, it does provide a bit more sturdy of a build. There is an equal increase in cost over the Bolanburg, however. Bear that in mind.

In general, the Signature Design by Ashley collection is a great collection of furniture designs overall. The lift top coffee tables are really no exception. That is why several of the lift top coffee tables from this collection have made this list. The Tyler Creek is essentially a sister model to the Bolanburg, with a slightly higher-end build material.

Signature Design By Ashley Lift Top Table – Carynhurst

Ashley Carynhurst Lift

What can I say, the Signature Design by Ashley line of lift top coffee tables is a great line of products. The design of the Carynhurst is starkly different than the other two mentioned above, however. So this will bring quite a bit of variety to your options list. In sticking with the rustic farmhouse theme, this table appears more like a chest rather than a coffee table. The Carynhurst offers a distressed, almost worn look that will fit well with any vintage farmhouse decor. The sides are equipped with antique metal handles and corner banding to really sell the wooden chest aesthetic.

Despite the sturdy appearance, the table itself actually weighs a considerable amount less than competing lift top coffee tables. In addition to the lightweight frame, the table comes fully assembled. You will simply have to screw on the legs, and you are ready to use! This is a finely designed and crafted table that will appeal to the old country heart.

Sekey Home Coffee Table

Sekey Home Lift Top

Taking a step away from the rustic and raw wood aesthetics of the previously mentioned lift top coffee tables, is the Sekey Home lift top coffee table. This table is far more modern in appearance than any of the tables we have talked about thus far. The powder-coated accent metals on the sides bring a much more industrial 2021 vibe to your home decor and will pair nicely with anyone who has a more ‘cold’ and dark home interior.

This table is sleek, petite, and stylish which makes it perfect for smaller living spaces and apartments. It won’t take up an incredible amount of space, but it does function well and has a surprising amount of storage capacity. Overall, this is a refreshing break from the bulkier models that lift top coffee tables can often feature.

Sauder Shoal Creek Lift Top Coffee Table

Sauder Shoal Creek

The Shoal Creek by Sauder is a similar design style to the Carson Forge by Sauder that is mentioned above. However, whereas Carson Forge offers a more rustic and vintage appearance, Shoal Creek is more smooth and modern. The ‘Jamocha’ wood finish is rather shiny and smooth as opposed to the rougher and more rustic finish of similar models. In addition, the bottom shelving is raised slightly to provide a bit more foot room underneath the table for improved comfort.

Overall, you are still getting the quality and smooth design that Sauder has become known for, but this time it is a bit more modern in appearance. The dark Jamocha finish will fit nicely with any home decor that features warmer tones, and a richer atmosphere as opposed to light and airy.

How To Choose a Lift Top Coffee Table – A Buyer’s Guide for 2021


When entering the market for a top-quality lift top coffee table, you shouldn’t simply go off of appearances and price alone. While these are both great things to factor into your decision making, they will not always yield the most value. By value I mean; longevity of the table, construction of the table, design of the table, all paired with the price. You should always cross-reference the pros and cons of each design and go with the one that fits your needs as well as your decor. Let’s break down some of the most important factors that will contribute to the value of a great lift top coffee table.

1) Material Used

Most top lift coffee tables will be composed of a blend of engineered woods and veneers. There is nothing inherently wrong with this. However, you should be aware of what you are getting into. Engineered wood is basically an amalgamation of organic, and synthetic wood to create a sturdy building material. These wood products are typically used in the construction of furniture due to them being cheaper, and lighter which makes them easier to ship. This does not mean that you will be receiving a ‘cheap’ product, however.

Many modern engineered wood products are quite durable and well made. I only mention this so that you are fully aware of the differences between solid wood, and engineered wood. Ultimately, this will come down to your own personal preference.

2) Hinge Mechanism

There are many different mechanisms used in the construction of lift top coffee tables. You can find folding hinges, lifting hinges, and even standard door hinges. Each one will offer a different experience when it comes to actually opening your lift top coffee table.

3) Lift hinges

This style of hinge mechanism will likely simply lift the tabletop straight up vertically, and lock in place.

4) Folding hinge

Folding hinges are the most popular mechanism used in modern lift top coffee tables in 2021. This is the style that allows the top to lift upwards, and slide forward at an angle several inches. Most often utilized to convert the coffee table into a couch desk.

5) Standard door hinge

This style of the hinge will only operate in the same manner that a door or chest would. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, it will limit the functionality and multi-tasking ability of your lift top coffee table slightly.

Choosing the right hinge mechanism for you will largely depend on your own style preferences. However, it is my contention that a folding hinge offers all of the benefits of other hinge styles, with none of the drawbacks at all. You should consider whether the hinge mechanism has a locking feature though. If it does not lock in place, you may be wary of the lift top collapsing under too much weight when in use.

6) Warranty

Furniture is a commitment. You are spending countless hours researching, and saving up money for the exact right piece to fit your ideal home decor. Because of this, you want to ensure that you are buying a product that is at least guaranteed to last. So, you should always take care to only purchase products with manufacturers warranties, and purchase extended warranties whenever possible.

I know, I know, many people seem to think that warranties are a scam. However, I am here to tell you in my unbiased opinion, that a warranty is like car insurance. It is best when you never have to use it. However, if you ever do, you will be glad you have it. If you have pets, or children, or even host a lot of events at your home, you absolutely want to make sure you have the fullest warranty that you are capable of on your furniture when you buy it.

Final Thoughts

It is often rather easy to simply ‘pull the trigger’ on the most convenient and cost-effective option when it comes to furniture buying. However, in the case of lift top coffee tables, you will want to take a bit more care when buying. This is because the nature of the lift top coffee table style forces it to require a bit more of a sturdy composition than standard coffee tables. You will want something that not only fits your decor but also stands the test of time and offers adequate storage room inside.

The tables mentioned above are all unique, and excellent options for lift top coffee tables in 2021. Even if none of them is exactly what you are looking for personally, you will still get a great idea of what is available to you. Now, all you have to do is pick the best one for you, and enjoy! You can now tie your living room together, and increase your room storage while simultaneously maintaining a beautiful decor.

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