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The Best Fireplace Inserts – 2021 Reviews

There are few better comforts in life than curling up by the fireplace, and relaxing on a cold and chilly evening. Perhaps you want to curl up with a good book; maybe you wish to cuddle with your pet in the warmth and firelight; or maybe you simply want to enjoy the visuals of the lapping flames in the cold season twilight. Whatever the reasoning is, almost everyone loves a good fireplace.

The main drawback of fireplaces is the inherent safety hazard that comes along with lighting a flame over live wood within your home or apartment. That is why an electric fireplace insert can be ideal. Even faux wood burning fireplace inserts that use natural gas to safely light and burn can help cut down on the risks of an indoor fireplace. Aside from safety, both options are simply easier to operate and maintain.

Overall, fireplaces are relaxing and aesthetically pleasing centerpieces of any home. They can heat a room, and provide warmth and comfort during the coldest nights and days. That is why having the best fireplace insert is essential to bringing your home living room decor together.

Let’s take a look at some of the best fireplace insert reviews, and what your options might be for electric fireplace inserts, as well as faux wood burning fireplace inserts.

Touchstone 80014 Electric

Touchstone 80014

The Touchstone 80014 Electric Fireplace insert is ideal for any living space that wants to keep a minimalist aesthetic, while also maintaining a modern feel. This electric fireplace fixture is designed to be mounted into a wall, and sits flush with the wall for a seamless and unobtrusive feel. The Touchstone 80014 Fireplace Insert also offers five separate ‘fire’ light settings to simulate anything from a dying ember to a roaring flame. These can range from dim, to bright depending on the level of lighting you prefer at the moment.

This heating insert is designed to not only look stunning but work well also. It comes with two different heat settings that are ideal for however warm you want the room to be. Overall this electric fireplace insert marries form and function beautifully. Once mounted, you will barely even notice it is there until you turn it on. Whether it be dormant, or roaring and crackling, this fireplace insert fits any decor or ambiance that you could ever imagine with ease.

R.W Flame Electric 750W-1500W with Timer 


The R.W Flame Electric Fireplace Insert is designed with customizability in mind. This electric fireplace wall insert comes with a wide range of ‘fire’ and ‘ember’ color and pattern options to display on the LED fireplace display. This ensures that you can find the right one to match the mood and atmosphere that you are attempting to create. The R.W Flame Electric Fireplace also comes with a range of heating options, and remote control to ensure that from anywhere in the room, you can adjust and adapt the fireplace to your needs and desires.

The R.W Flame Electric comes in a traditional square casing and fits a more traditional idea of what a fireplace would typically resemble. Because of this, it is widely popular in more ‘traditional’ decor settings that desire a modern twist. Overall, the R.W Flame is an excellent choice for an electric fireplace insert. If you wish to simulate a fairly close approximation of a real fireplace, with an electric fireplace insert, this is a great option.

Signature Design by Ashley – Black Fireplace Insert

Signature Design

The Black Fireplace Insert from the Signature Design by Ashley collection is a smaller frame fireplace insert that is specifically designed to fit inside TV stands and entertainment centers. This mini fireplace insert measures at just 22” wide x 8.5” deep, and can easily fit into nearly any entertainment system around. This insert will provide an extra boost to the elegance of any TV stand by converting it into a digital fireplace aesthetic.

This product comes with 6 pre-set functions and allows users to control it via remote to ensure that the proper ‘mood’ is set for any movie or show you watch. This is ideal for cozy nights in, or romantic movie nights with your special someone. Every TV stand or entertainment center can benefit from this compact fireplace insert. You will be shocked at how relaxing it will be to have the comfortable illumination of a ‘flame’ paired with your favorite TV series or movie.

 Xbeauty Electric Fireplace Insert – 1500w

Electric Fireplace Insert

The Xbeauty Electric 1500w comes with a near edge to edge ‘viewing window’ that gives the impression of a fully open and spacious fireplace. With a detailed LED functionality that simulates background brick as well, the Xbeauty electric 1500w really goes above and beyond to replicate a true-to-life fireplace experience as accurately as possible. It does all of this while still maintaining a range of 750-1,500 watts, which means that it comes with a low impact on your energy bills.

The Xbeauty Electric Insert is about as realistic of a fireplace experience as you can get, without having a real fireplace. The flame imaging and brick-background really add up in a tally of small details that do not go unnoticed. Overall, this is a great electric fireplace insert that is sure to impress guests and family every time it’s in use. The Xbeauty Electric 1500w is proof that you do not have to sacrifice the fireplace feel, in order to go electric.

R.W Flame 36” Electric Fireplace Insert


The wide framed 36” fireplace insert by R.W Flame is designed to bring a more modern and artistic aesthetic into your living space. While not strictly designed to replicate a traditional fireplace, this electric fireplace insert still encapsulates the essence of one in a unique fashion. With a slim display that offers a range of flame color options, users can bring in a more exotic and abstract aesthetic into their space while still getting the utility of a heater for colder months.

R.L Flame also comes equipped with state of the art safety features in order to ensure that there are no risks of overheating or damaging your home. With sophisticated air intake and heat output ventilation. systems, as well as advanced sensors, your insert will never overheat while in use. If the unit ever runs hot, it will simply turn off and cool itself down before becoming functional again. This means that the R.L Flame 36” electric Fireplace Insert is not only stylish and modern, it is also amazingly safe.

Duluth Forge Dual Fuel – Gas

Duluth Forge Vent

The Duluth Forge Dual Fuel is a live-flame fireplace insert that does not rely on LED technology to give you the true fireplace experience. This 26,000BTU unit uses natural gas and/or liquid propane to ignite the controlled flame, and simulates a real-life wood-burning fireplace experience. This unit comes with a proprietary dual-fuel technology that allows you to choose the fuel you prefer. In addition, it comes with highly detailed ceramic faux-logs that help to stimulate the fireplace experience.

The Duluth Forge has the capability to heat up to 1,360sq. ft. living space, which means that this little unit can seriously pump out some heat. You can heat very large living spaces in a matter of hours, and keep your home toasty warm throughout the winter. If you want a safe and more controlled fireplace, without the hassle of firewood, this is the fireplace insert for you.

Lokatse Home 23” Electric Fireplace


The Lokatse Home 23” Electric Fireplace is a utility fireplace insert that can fit very nearly anywhere and everywhere. This electric fireplace insert is compact enough to fit within TV stands, on top of dressers, inside wall recessions, and more. This versatile little insert fits well with very nearly any interior decoration situation that you can imagine. Due to it being so compact, and portable, it can be used to heat any bedroom in the house in a calming and atmospheric manner.

The Lokatse Home 23” Electric Fireplace has an extremely low impact on energy, while also being able to put out some serious heat. This fireplace insert has the capability to heat mid-sized living rooms or large bedrooms with ease! For such a compact fireplace insert, you will be amazed at the power. The Lokatse Home 23” is ideal for those who want versatility and portability.

Amerlife Electric Fireplace

AMERLIFE Electric Fireplace

The Amerlife Electric Fireplace is actually designed to be a free-standing electric fireplace heater by itself. It comes with a design that is meant to be placed within a room and left to enjoy the heat and lighting from it without any installation necessary. The metal shell of the unit comes equipped with sturdy hand-holders in order to ensure that movement of the heater is safe and free of any risk of burn or damage to the fireplace itself. This ensures that you can safely transport and store the unit even while it’s on.

Within the fireplace you will find a uniquely customizable synthetic flame that can display in fun colors–like purple!– as well as a more traditional flame ambiance. Overall, this is a nice and portable unit that can be moved into any room of any size during the winter months, and bring it up to a more comfortable temperature. The Amerlife Electric Fireplace is easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to move around. It is a simple, yet elegant design that anyone can appreciate within their home decor.

Duluth Forge T-Stat Control

Duluth Forge Dual Fuel

This monstrous 32,000BTU fireplace insert unit is made to heat entire homes, rather than simply small rooms. So long as there is free-flowing circulation, this insert can have your home warmed up in a snap. The Duluth Forge T-Stat is another dual fuel fireplace that can work with natural gas or liquid propane in order to keep the inner flame ignited. It features signature ceramic faux-wooden logs, and a brick backdrop to perfectly recreate the feeling of a real fireplace.

The Duluth Forge T-State Control is among the most realistic wood-burning fireplace recreations you will ever find on the market. From the soft flicker of the flame, to the appearance of wood and laid brick, you are sure to feel like you are getting the real deal with this fireplace insert. In addition, the battery-assisted ignition makes operating this unit a breeze; you’ll be sitting by the fire in no time!

Final Thoughts

The fireplace has been the centerpiece of living rooms across the world for generations. For as long as people have existed, we have gathered around the warming and comfort of the flame. That is why, even in this modern age, individuals still seek out the fireplace experience within their own homes; even if they cannot have the full thing. Luckily, electric fireplace inserts and faux wood-burning fireplaces are able to simulate the experience in many ways.

If you are in the market for a fireplace insert, the options are nearly endless. You will have your choice of gas-lit, electric, hybrid, and more. All you need to do is determine the style, heating method, and aesthetics you want. You can be on your way to a cozy night by the fire in no time! Just remember to weigh the costs of fuel, and electricity when you are making your purchase. Some fireplace inserts can become quite the drain on resources if you aren’t careful. Look for energy-efficient fireplace inserts, and you can even save yourself a bit of money on heating costs!

I’d say a fireplace insert has the potential to be a win all around, in any home.

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