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8 Best Dance Poles For Home And Apartment Use

There are so many ways to get some exercise at home, but one of the best things you can purchase is a dance pole for home. These dance poles are quite versatile and let you get different types of dance workouts to reach your fitness goals.

The best part about this pole is you can use it as a beginner, as well as for when you are an experienced pole dancer.

MegaBrand Portable Fitness Exercise Pole, 9.3-Feet

MegaBrand Removable Dance Pole Kit


This dance pole for home does not screw into the ceiling, so it is easy to put up and take down if you need to. In fact, you do not need any ceiling fixtures at all to use this pole, so it could also be considered the best dance pole for the apartment. The material of this dance pole is a higher-grade electroplated chrome, so it is quite durable and sturdy for extended periods of use. The height can be extended between seven and a half feet to just over nine feet, which is perfect if you have lower or higher ceilings.

Once you find the ceiling beam, all you need to do is put the angular stability lock in place and your dance pole will not move as you are using it. You even get all the tools you need to put this pole for home up in a matter of minutes, so you can start using it sooner than you thought possible.

Yaheetech Professional Stripper Pole, Party Pub Home w/ Tools

YAHEETECH Dance Pole Kit


If you are looking for a new way to increase your strength and flexibility, while staying healthy and fit, you do not need to look any farther than this pole for home. This dance pole is made from high-quality steel with an anti-rust and anti-corrosion chromium surface. This ensures it is durable even if the maximum weight of over four hundred pounds is reached.

This pole has a height that can be adjusted from just over seven feet to a little over nine feet, which is perfect for those who may want to move it from room to room with different ceiling heights. Installing this pole for home is super easy if you use the installation instructions. There is no ceiling device to keep in place, so you never need to explain what that weird thing is on the ceiling when you have this pole in storage.

Speaking of storage, it is simple to store this dance pole and it doesn’t take up that much room at all.

Topeakmart 45mm Portable Professional Stripper PoleTopeakmart-45mm Portable Dance Pole


If you are looking for the best dance pole for home, this may be the one you have been searching for. The high-quality steel holds more than four hundred pounds and will never rust or corrode, no matter how much you sweat. While this pole only reaches nine feet in height when extended all the way, it is usually enough height for most people’s ceilings at home. You can even attach this pole in rooms that have popcorn ceilings and carpets on the floors.

The one feature about this  pole that sets it apart from many of the others is the spinning mode. All you need to do is unscrew the bottom screw and the bottom piece of this pole will go from static mode to spinning mode. This will help you have the workout you need when you need it the most.

Megabrand Professional Exotic Fitness Dance Pole Exercise


You can easily adjust the height of this pole to nine feet if you need it to be that tall for your ceilings. The material of this pole is electroplated chrome and it is easy to install using the assembly instructions. Once you find the ceiling beam, you simply use the stability lock to keep it in place.

The best part about this pole is that a DVD is included with instructions on how to start using it. Simply pop the DVD in and watch, so you can start using your pole right away.

AW Dancing Pole Kit Stripper Pole

AW Dancing Pole Kit



The pole and the ends are both made from metal and have an electroplated chrome finish, so it will never rust after lots of use. This pole starts at seven feet, but you can extend it up to nine feet for those higher ceilings.

It is easy to extend the height using the screw-in extensions. All you need to do is screw together all the tubes and attach them to the ceiling with the support dome. Since the support dome is double the width of the pole, the maximum weight for this dance pole is more than four hundred pounds.

According to the reviews, you will never feel this dance pole move when you are using it and you will always feel stable, even during the most complex moves.

MegaBrand Removable Exotic Stripper Dancing Pole

MegaBrand Portable Dance Pole


This could possibly be the best pole for apartment and home because the ceiling and floor base both have rubber rings to prevent marks when it is being used. Of course, the ability to adjust this  pole from seven and a half feet to almost nine and a half feet is helpful as well.

As long as you follow the instructions when installing this chrome finished pole for home, you will find that it can be used for almost any maneuver you want to do. The articulating base on the floor is helpful if you happen to have an uneven floor in the room where you want to use this pole. If you want the base to spin, you must unlock the two screws, but make sure you lock them back in place when you don’t want it spinning anymore.

B & D Inc Removable 45mm Party Club Dance Pole B&D Inc Removable Kit


This pole might be thinner than previous models, but it is still much thicker than the ones used in clubs. The pole is made from all metal and is covered with electroplated chrome to keep it in excellent condition after multiple uses. You can set this pole up on uneven floors without worrying about it falling over or moving while you are using it.

You will not need to screw this permanently in the ceiling since it has a stability lock for you to use instead. You can easily unscrew the screws to make the base moveable, yet the pole will still hold more than four hundred pounds when it is in use. It is so easy to set this pole for home up, that you can take it down in between uses or store it when you need the extra space in a room.

CLIENSY Portable Spinning Dancing Pole

CLIENSY Portable Spinning Pole


This dance pole for home is made from metal and chrome plated for extra durability. The instructions to set it up are simple to use and you can easily take it down whenever it is not in use or is in your way. This pole can fit inside a closet when you are storing it too.

According to the reviews, the thickness of this pole is a little bigger than claimed and people said that made it more difficult for smaller people to do some of the tricks they would like to on it.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the options for the best dance pole for home, as well as for the apartment. If you have been searching for a pole or are just interested in learning how to use a dance pole, one of these options will fit your needs.

Simply determine which one of these poles for home meets all your requirements and then purchase it before setting it up to use. We bet you will be impressed at how much you love using this pole for all your future workouts.

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