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Best Cooling Blankets (Including Safer Alternative To Electric Blankets)

The concept of a cooling blanket might seem counterproductive. After all, aren’t blankets by their very design meant to keep you warm? Humans have been using blankets for centuries to combat the cold of the night and keep them protected from the elements. However, a blanket isn’t always there to provide warmth. Some people love to use a blanket only because it allows for comfort and helps them sleep better.

A cooling blanket is designed to help provide the comfort of a blanket, without overheating you. A cooling blanket for your bed can help you stay comfortable during hot nights, without leaving you feeling sweaty and sticky. Also, many blankets are weighted blankets, that offer extra comfort and security for many sleepless individuals.

Choosing the best cooling blanket can be tough, though. You can select a weighted blanket, an electric cooling system for underneath your blanket, and even microfiber blankets. To help you choose which blanket style is best for you, here are some brief cooling blanket reviews for you to consider. In addition, you will find a quick overview of a cooling system for your bed, that pairs well with any blanket.

ZonLi Soft Weighted Cooling Blanket

ZonLi Softest Weighted Blanket

The ZonLi soft weighted blanket is a beautiful choice for anyone who wants added comfort and density to their cooling blankets. The breathable material and glass-bead interior provide a unique cooling experience that surprisingly leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed all at the same time.

This is a weighted blanket, so it will provide a bit of pressure when you lay underneath it. Many people use weighted blankets for comfort therapy, as they can make you feel more safe and secure at night. This blanket comes in a wide range of weight and size options, and is perfect for all ages! It keeps you cool, makes you feel secure, and overall is a wonderful cooling blanket option.

Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

Degrees of Comfort Cooling Blanket

This is another weighted blanket that is perfect for all ages and size needs. You can purchase the blanket in smaller sizes for comfort lounges, or larger sizes for the bed. Utilizing a ceramic microbead technology, the weight of the blanket feels firm but not overbearing. In addition, the ceramic beads offer a nice cooling sensation that helps bring down the overall temperature of the body when in use.

The Degrees of Comfort Blanket comes with 2 washable and removable duvet covers that make cleaning a breeze. So, you will never have to worry about your cooling blanket being hygenic, as you can easily cycle through covers with little issues. However, changing the duvet cover on a weighted blanket can take some to get used to, naturally. Though, overall, this is a wonderful option for hot summer nights and deep relaxing comfort.

YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket

YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket

The YnM Bamboo weighted blanket is made of 100% bamboo viscose, and brings an environmentally friendly touch to the cooling blanket category. By using a pure and natural bamboo viscose, the blanket feels cool to the touch. As soon as you lay underneath this blanket, you feel instantly embraced. The silky texture of the blanket also helps stimulate the cooling sensation, as well as feeling nice on the skin.

YnM has created a blanket that is perfect for sleepers who find themselves restless due to excessive body heat. With the YnM Bamboo cooling blanket, you are getting the snug feeling of a weighted blanket, paired with the silky cooling sensation of the bamboo viscose material. This blanket is a win for anyone who struggles with sleeplessness due to heat and perspiration.

CoziRest Weighted Blanket

CoziRest Cooling Weighted Blanket

The CoziRest weighted blanket offers a dual purpose for users. On one side, the blanket is lined with cooling bamboo fibers. The other is a plush minky fabric that is perfect for warmth and comfort. This means that you can use the CoziRest to cool off in the summer days and stay cozy and warm during the winter. This blanket is a one stop shop!

At 15lbs, the CoziRest weighted blanket isn’t overbearing, like many competing blankets can be. Some competing weighted blankets can be bulky, and heavy. This leads to a feeling of pressure that some users might not find comfortable. The CoziRest blanket feels like a gentle hug, rather than a firm pressure. This blanket is perfect for those who want a year-round climate control blanket with a nice and cozy weight to it.

SereneFox Weighted Cooling Blanket

SereneFox Cooling Weighted Blanket

SereneFox has put a lot of thought, and science into the development of their weighted cooling blanket. Their blankets are designed with the therapeutic properties of cooling weighted blankets in mind. That is, they are designed to reduce anxiety and stress, and make you feel cool and calm at night. In many ways, the SereneFox blanket is the same concept as other weighted blankets. However, it is an incredibly well designed and made blanket that works beautifully.

If you suffer from sleeplessness or anxiety, whether at school, work, or in general, this blanket is going to help. SereneFox has scientifically engineered a blanket that helps you fall asleep faster, and feel more relaxed when using it. It cools you, provides gentle pressure, and feels unbelievably soft to the touch.

WONAP Weighted Blanket

WONAP Cooling Weighted

The Wonap weighted blanket is ideal for really hot temperatures. Even in sweltering summer days of 85-90 degrees fahrenheit, this blanket works tirelessly to keep you cool and comfortable. By using the industry-leading bamboo fiber technology, it helps to keep cool even the most warm individuals.

WONAP uses a rather clever pocketing method for their glass weighted beads. Whereas other competing companies will typically use larger pockets to hold their weighted beads, WONAP uses smaller pockets that are angled. This ensures that the weight distribution remains even, and the beads have less room to shift and cause an uneven feel when using the blanket. WONAP uses top of the line manufacturing methods and design features in order to ensure that the execution of this job is done extremely well. While the concept of a weighted cooling blanket isn’t their own, the design they utilize is top-notch.

MG Mulgore Weighted Blanket

Mg Cooling Blanket

MG Mulgore has bundled an entire relaxation and sleep boosting experience altogether here. This weighted cooling blanket comes delivered in a unique leather handbag, which makes storage a breeze, and also looks nice and fashionable to use as a general purpose reusable bag. In addition, the blanket comes bundled with an eye mask, and ear plugs. MG Mulgore has taken every step to ensure that the entire sleeping package is bundled together in a beautiful way.

Using high-end bamboo viscose fiber, with a cotton interior, this weighted blanket helps to maintain and regulate body temperature rather than reduce it. While this is not the ‘coolest’ of cooling blankets, it does an exceptional job at maintaining comfortable body temperature. This is an elegantly designed blanket, with care and precision in every stitch. You definitely get a very consistent and reassuring experience with this weighted cooling blanket.

MOOKA Weighted Cooling Blanket

Mooka Cooling Electric

The MOOKA weighted blanket is an excellent option for anyone looking for great design and aesthetics. Often weighted cooling blankets can come across as stale or bland, but the MOOKA weighted blanket is actually rather attractive. It also comes with durable fabric loops that allow you to attach your own duvet covers, to add your own flair and style to the blanket. The MOOKA weighted cooling blanket is definitely versatile in this regard.

The MOOKA blanket is made with a piece of really light and breathable cotton fabric. While it is not the unique and exotic bamboo microfiber that many competing blankets use, it does an incredible job nonetheless. The Cotton of this blanket breathes exceptionally well, and also helps to provide a cooling sensation for users throughout the night. The MOOKA weighted blanket is a versatile, and attractive cooling blanket option that anyone will love.

Dangtop Bamboo Cooling Blanket

Dangtop Cool Blanket

This is another bamboo blanket that uses the silky smooth bamboo fibers to help reduce and regulate body temperature. The Dangtop Bamboo blanket is not weighted, and is instead very lightweight and airy. It is perfect for users who suffer from extreme perspiration and body heat during the night, or even for reducing heat on hot weather evenings. It helps reduce and regulate body temperature, while still providing the familiar comfort of a blanket.

The bamboo microfibers used are perfect for distributing body heat, and helping to dissipate it outward through the breathable fabric. The Dangtop Bamboo blanket can be used for a wide variety of reasons, at any time you want to cuddle up under a blanket but still remain cool. When it comes to providing cooling sensations, bamboo microfibers are among the best.

BedJet Climate Control Unit (Alternative To Electric Blankets)

BedJet 3 Electric Cooling Blanket

The BedJet electric climate control unit is a slight deviation from the standard cooling blanket idea. However, the result is designed to achieve the same thing; reduce body heat while you sleep and relax. These units allow you to perfectly adjust the temperature under your covers, to regulate your body heat to your own liking. What’s more, these units can allow you to have separate temperatures on both sides of the bed in case your partner prefers things warmer, or colder.

The BedJet climate control unit simply attaches to the side of your bed, and pumps in temperature-controlled air underneath your blanket. Sort of like an air conditioner, but for your bed. They are remote operated, and can be adjusted without even moving from under the covers! These units help keep you dry, cooled, and relaxed all night. Overall, this is a good electric cooling blanket for couples.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Cooling Blanket

If you are reading this, it’s safe to say you most likely already suffering from sleeplessness or some type of overheating at night. You likely want a blanket that will help you stay cool, and fall asleep fast. So, while we discussed some great options for blankets and systems to do that, we should probably take a moment to break down how to choose the best cooling blanket for you.

Choosing Your Style

Choosing the style of the cooling blanket is a crucial step towards determining how to proceed with your buying. The exact type of blanket you want will likely depend on a few factors, and you should consider these factors prior to buying a blanket.

Do You Want Weighted?

Not all blankets are weighted, however many of them are. The weighted aspect is a scientifically proven method that helps individuals sleep better. It provides a gentle pressure that feels like you are being embraced. For many people, this is a huge bonus and they actively seek it out. However, weighted isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer their blankets to be light and thin. The choice is yours.

What Material Do You Want?

Many blankets use bamboo microfibers. This is largely because these fibers feel very silky smooth, and have a ‘cooling’ sensation about them. So when you are shopping for a blanket, you should be accustomed to seeing bamboo fiber blankets all the time. However, not all cooling blankets are bamboo fiber. In fact, some use polyester, or even cotton. While bamboo might be more environmentally friendly, it can also cost more. You will want to determine what fabric best suits your needs and preferences, before buying.


You should always take care to fully understand the level of maintenance required of a cooling blanket before buying one. Some blankets are very particular about how they should be cleaned, and maintained throughout their lifecycle. For example, some weighted blankets cannot be machine washed, and must be cleaned by hand. This can be difficult with a weighted blanket, as you can imagine.

Many blankets will require very specific maintenance routines and cleaning methods. Fully understanding that before you purchase one will be a huge factor when it comes to helping you choose which cooling blanket is right for you. If you don’t mind the extra work, then some weighted blankets that are non-machine washable will be just fine for you. If you prefer low-maintenance, you should take care to search for cooling blankets that allow for this.

Size & Form

As you might imagine, with a cooling blanket, generally less is more. If you purchase an oversized cooling blanket, weighted or unweighted, the excess fabric will bundle up and allow for less breathability. You want the blanket to have plenty of room to ‘breathe’ in order to provide its cooling features.

When buying a blanket, always make sure that you are buying one that is size appropriate to your body, your bed, and the area it will be used in.

Final Thoughts

We all know the statistics that say humans spend nearly 1/3rd of their lives sleeping. Sleep is an important function of our lives, that helps keep us healthy and happy throughout our day to day activities. No one should ever neglect their sleep.

If you are suffering from overheating, lack of sleep, and long sweaty nights, you should absolutely consider a cooling blanket. They can help reduce excess body heat at night, provide instant comfort, and aid you in falling asleep within minutes of laying down. While the idea of a cooling blanket may indeed seem counterproductive, they can be the perfect solution to hot and restless nights. They can even potentially eliminate them altogether.

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