6 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

The truth is that there are so many benefits to regular physical activity, much more than the six benefits that we’re looking at here.

We’ve narrowed it down to the six most beneficial for the purposes of creating a blog that is readable and doesn’t resemble the “get fit” version of the Lord of the Rings.

The benefits of regular physical activity have been known about since the Alexandria Library was standing and this knowledge has been passed down generations and civilizations, so let’s look at the top 6 (in our opinion) benefits of regular physical activity, and right now with the current world climate many of these are just what we need. Whether you are trying to achieve your self-care goals or business goals, regular physical activity will help you stay more positive in the journey.

Happy GirlIncreased Happiness

That is absolutely right! Physical activity and exercise have been shown in several studies to boost mood and happiness. This exercise might seem unpleasant at first, especially if you’re not used to it, but the act releases hormones into your bloodstream. These hormones help fight the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety, as well as boosting your overall mood.

Being active has so many benefits to your physical health, but so many people just don’t realize the dramatic effect that this can have on your mental health. Mental health isn’t a shame word in today’s more enlightened society, and this is something that we regularly encourage people to look after.

The amount of exercise required to release these “happy chemicals” isn’t even a great deal so, no need to run that marathon. Just by taking more exercise than your body is used to will release these hormones. This can be as easy as a fast walk around your neighborhood, or a bike ride if you own a bicycle.

Without equipment, you can easily make your heart rate increase at a level that is suitable for you, and you don’t need to head straight for high-intensity workouts.

Beautiful Women Sleeping

Help with Sleep Quality and Down Time

Do you ever feel restless? Like you’re too tired to do anything but too wired to properly relax? This is a common problem that people encounter and the reason is remarkably simple. People are not getting enough physical activity, and their body doesn’t know how to process this.

Your body consumes calories to function and produce energy; this energy has to go somewhere. Imagine fueling your vehicle and then not driving anywhere but always re-fueling, sound silly, right? That is what people are doing when they don’t take enough physical exercise.

By getting up and being active, your body will establish better Circadian Rhythm, and this will hugely improve the quality of relaxation you get. Still, also, your quality of sleep will dramatically improve. Imagine waking up feeling properly rested and refreshed. You can achieve this by engaging in physical activity regularly. The best thing about this is that you will notice results almost immediately.

Control your Weight

This might be fairly obvious, if only because this benefit is constantly fed to anyone who isn’t happy with their weight. Weight, however, is entirely subjective. What is overweight for one person might be the ideal weight for another. Regardless of personal perspective, the science and mechanics behind the regular exercise is indisputable.

An average male human will require between 2000 and 3000 calories to maintain their weight with the average female requiring less. These calories are converted into energy, and when that energy isn’t used, the calories are converted and stored as lipids (body fat) if you consume 2,500 calories and burn 500 through physical activity alone you are using more than you are taking in and this will result in the body converting these lipids back into energy. This will have the effect of reducing body fat. Normally what people refer to when discussing weight issues.

Happy Couple

Increased Energy Levels

That might sound counterintuitive, but this is absolutely right. By using more energy, your body will begin to convert stored lipids into readily available energy. If you’re sick of feeling sloth-like and as if everything is an effort that should start telling you that it’s time to take on more exercise. The human body is a marvel of bio-engineering and will recognize that more energy is being used and will trigger chemical responses to ensure that you have this energy you need.

Those jobs that need doing won’t seem so daunting, perhaps if you can physically feel more energetic and more able to move around. This benefit alone triggers so many supportive responses, such as an improved sense of well-being, because we don’t always feel tired or exhausted. When people feel “peppy” they feel better able to take on the world around them.

The inevitable loss of body fat and improved posture, when coupled with this newfound energy will naturally improve your self-confidence. So, if only one of the benefits here convinces you to start being more active then the chances are this is it.

Reduced Risk of Chronic Illness

Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension; these are all chronic illnesses that will dramatically impact your quality of life for the worse. Repeated studies at hospitals and universities have shown time after time, just how effective regular physical activity is at reducing the risk of these chronic illnesses.

As mentioned earlier, this doesn’t even need to be a considerable effort where you sweat buckets every day. Even something as simple as a daily power walk or joining a local sports club with your peers (great for your confidence and social life also) can make such a huge difference. Being healthy makes us happy and the benefits of being active when weighed against the negatives of suffering from certain chronic illnesses should convince anyone to start a hobby.

Improve Sex Life

This is included because some people are only motivated by basic instinct, while that isn’t a character flaw, if you are this person then this benefit will surely convince you now is the time to become more active and take on regular physical exercise.

The act of exercising does all of the things mentioned above, from increasing energy levels, decreasing body fat, improving flexibility, and improving mental health and self-confidence. All of these together create the perfect storm for increasing libido, caused by the optimization of your bodily functions such as improved blood flow. Not only does regular physical activity increase your desire but also your enjoyment, with studies showing marked improvement in the test subjects who incorporated daily activity in their lives.

Tip: If you are interested in abs exercises we have a step by step guide for you.

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