7 Tips for Achieving Selfie Perfection

A good selfie makes you feel better about yourself and excites your following on social media. As a matter of fact, the quality of your photos on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook can significantly increase your following. This can be achieved with some simple techniques. These seven tips will help you take high-quality pictures of yourself and increase your engagement on social media.

Take Lighting Seriously

This is a critical tip that many don’t take serious enough. To achieve picture-perfect selfies, you need to pay attention to your lighting. Lighting truly beautifies you for free. Instead of taking the picture facing an unnatural inferior light source, move outside or turn towards a window and take advantage of natural light. One great benefit of good lighting is that it makes a dark spot beneath your eyes and other shadows disappear.

Great lighting makes for a great picture of yourself. To truly improve the benefit of natural lighting, grab a sheet of white paper and place it underneath your chin. This causes the light to bounce naturally and illuminate your face. Also, a ring light comes very handy to take beautiful selfies.

Use Lighting Helps from Apps

We must face the reality that we cannot consistently access natural lighting to assist us in producing our selfie masterpiece. There are times you might be in the club, a store, or simply in your home at night ad you want to take a bomb selfie. The issue that you will face is that phone cameras tend to not feature flash on the selfie camera. There is a hack that can help you to still achieve selfie magnificence. Log in to Snapchat. This app has a feature that mimics flash.

It is really the closest thing to a selfie camera flash that can be found. It illuminates your face by projecting bright white light onto your face. It isn’t perfect but it will be much better than the regular light from your flickering television while on your couch.

Use Angles Wisely

When you observe how celebrities take selfies, you will see one particular trend. In their selfies, celebrities tend to keep their chin down and their camera elevated. Taking pictures from below your chin does not usually help to make you look good. To achieve selfie excellence, angle the phone so that the base of the device is on the same level as your eyes.

The use of a selfie stick could also take your selfies to the next level. In addition to your angle, increase the impact of your selfie by avoiding staring directly into the camera. This will help you to naturally display your “good side.”

Strike Your Best Pose

The pose you choose when taking a picture of yourself can turn a good picture into an incredible one. Many people selflessly take their selfies; you must plan it out properly to get the best results. One of the best strategies to employ is to move the camera around at a vantage point while testing out different poses. When you find the best pose, go ahead and snap it.  This process will also help you find your good side and the angles fit you best.

You then have to decide what you will do with your hands and posture. Don’t be afraid of copying the angles and poses of celebrities. They often get professional advice on how to do this. So, when you copy them, you are likely copying expert techniques that work.

Don’t Take Selfies Too Close

Taking a photo too close to your face will make all your features look oversized and possibly skewed. This won’t look good on your feed. Experts explain that it is not so much that selfies don’t simply enlarge specific facial features. The issue is with geometry. Because of how that works, the camera will make those parts of your face that are closer to the camera seem much larger. This is why your nose tends to look so large in a close-up selfie.

Take Advantage of Filters

Filters, whether you like them or not, can really enhance a selfie. You can either choose to be regular and get regular reactions to your selfie, or you can take it up a notch and use filters to impress your followers. Don’t just take our word for it, if you do the research you will know that filters are scientifically proven to enhance your look. Huffington Post, Georgia Tech, and Yahoo examined over 7 million photos on Instagram and found the top filters.

The top filters according to them are Mayfair, Valencia, Hefe, Nashville, and Aden. They reported that these filters attract the most engagement on the platform.

Don’t Go Overboard with Editing

We approve editing and filtering 100%; however, too much of anything is never good. Don’t edit your photo to the extent that it looks exceedingly unnatural. Aim for a light touch when doing your editing. Make-up artists understand this art – the lighter the makeup and the closer it looks to natural is the better it looks overall. Be sure to only touch up those areas that are in need of enhancement. Remember that filters come with the option to limit how intense it is. You can modify this and bring it closer to a natural pint.

Applying these tips will increase your engagement on social media. A pro-tip when it comes to selfies is that you must first love yourself and accept your version of beautiful. When that’s out of the way these tips will only put the icing on the cake. Go ahead and dominate the selfie world!

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